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Eureka Vacuum Filter - Finding the Right Eureka Vacuum Filter

by joe johnston

A Eureka vacuum filter is generally a mat or bag of arranged fibers placed so that all incoming air must pass through it before reaching the motor. Because vacuum cleaners may stir up household dust, causing it to become airborne, lung related illnesses or other health problems can often result from prolonged vacuum cleaner use, if a filter is not made use of. The purpose of a Eureka vacuum filter is to catch these particles of dust before they are released into the air for possible inhalation into your lungs. This they are able to do using a variety of methods and materials.
Because there are so many different kinds of Eureka vacuums, the Eureka vacuum filter also comes in many different shapes and sizes. To find the right type of Eureka vacuum filter for your Eureka vacuum, it’s important to know what kind of vacuum cleaner you have. Once you have identified the make and model of your cleaner, you can then choose the Eureka vacuum filter that best suits your needs.
There are three main types of vacuum cleaners produced by Eureka, uprights, canisters, and hand-vacs. Each requires a different Eureka vacuum filter, and often there are many different sub-choices within the three categories as well.
An upright vacuum cleaner has a long, vertically positioned handle and bag, attached to a cleaning head which rests on your floor. If you have an upright vacuum cleaner, determine whether it is a direct air or clean air model. In a direct air vacuum cleaner, the more commercial of the two models, a large fan is mounted close to the opening on the cleaning head. This makes for great power distribution, but often causes greater amounts of dust, and limits enormously limits the type of Eureka vacuum filter available. Most of today’s upright vacuums, however, are clean air vacuums. These have their motors mounted after the bag allowing removal of most of the dust from the airstream by the bag itself. Although these are less energy efficient, they are much better for your health. Filters are also much more widely available for these models.
If you have an upright vacuum cleaner, the main filter to look for is the cylinder shaped, “dust cup” Eureka vacuum filter. Also available is the Whirlwind Motor Filter, and you may even be able to find a variety of pre-motor filters and screens for extra protection.
A canister vacuum cleaner features the vacuum head connected to the bag unit by a flexible hose and is driven by a separate air driven turbine or electric motor. Popular because of its maneuverability, canister vacuum cleaners are an effective way to get into small spaces for cleaning. If you have a canister vacuum cleaner, the Eureka vacuum filter most compatible with your model will probably be a narrow piece of fabric or material, with either a square or round shape. These come in washable and disposable models and can often be doubled or tripled for added protection.
The third kind of vacuum cleaner provided by Eureka is the hand-vac, or stick-vac. This model is usually best suited to personal use, such as rapid vacuuming of small spaces, and uses very little energy. Because this type of vacuum cleaner is similar to the upright vacuum cleaner, though generally smaller, the Eureka vacuum filter required for this model is also generally a similar looking yet smaller version of the filter required for the upright model. This filter may sometimes come as a plastic or elastic rim fixed around the opening of a fabric bag.
Another kind of highly efficient Eureka vacuum filter widely available for all three vacuum types is the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is a Eureka vacuum filter composed of contoured fiberglass layers arranged randomly and is generally considered to be the most effective Eureka vacuum filter available.
Eureka offers a service store on its website where you can find out which accessories are the right ones for your model of vacuum. Simply insert the model and type of your vacuum cleaner, both of which can be found on a metallic plate on the back or bottom of your vacuum cleaner, and the service will provide a list of accessories compatible with your cleaner.

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