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Shower Chlorine Filter - Shower Chlorine Filters Provide Many Benefits

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The hair and skin are permeable membranes and absorb much of what is put on them. People who live in cities and towns use municipal water supplies that treat the water with chlorine and fluoride, two chemicals that can have negative side effects on people who are sensitive to chemicals. Fortunately, a shower chlorine filter effectively removes the chlorine from the water and the hair and skin do not absorb the chemical.

More awareness of the negative health effects surrounding ordinary environmental hazards in homes has created new products that help people manage the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) they have in their homes. Shower chlorine filters are no exception. They cut down on the harmful pollutants inside homes and have positive effects on the air inside and on the skin, hair, and respiratory systems of people who use these filters.

Anyone who has spent time in a swimming pool that uses chlorine as a disinfectant knows how drying it is, how it can discolor color-treated hair, and how it can be a respiratory irritant. Frequent swimmers often complain about the condition of their hair after a season of swimming and sometimes use special shampoos to remove the chlorine build-up on their hair. People who shower every day may experience the same build-up unless they consider using chlorine shower filters.

A shower chlorine filter uses materials that absorb the chlorine from the water, and the skin is softer as a result. Shower chlorine filters screw onto the shower head and start working immediately once the water is turned on. Some shower filter housings are disposable, but other shower filters can be used many times by simply replacing the filter media according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Bathers can even use shower chlorine filters by filling the tub using the shower instead of the tub spout, something to consider when bathing infants and small children, whose skin is sensitive. These youngsters benefit from taking chlorine-free baths because their immune systems are not well developed and chlorine is a powerful chemical that has negative side effects on the skin and their delicate hair.

People who have asthma will benefit from using a shower chlorine filter, as do people with emphysema. Chlorine is a gas that is a major lung irritant and removing it from the water before it has a chance to evaporate into the air will bring much relief to anyone who has a compromised respiratory system, whether they suffer from allergies or have medical issues that affect their ability to breathe.

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