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Water Faucet Filter - Faucet Mounted Water Filters: Pure Water In The Kitchen

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Your water supply is far from being clean. Whether you get your supply from a water company or your own underground well, there are plenty of impurities and contaminants dissolved in the water. Water companies treat the water through large industrial plants, while homeowners with wells must perform the treatment themselves.

On a residential level, there are several different types of filters available that homeowners can choose from. The most basic type is a faucet water filter. In this guide on water filters, the advantages and disadvantages of faucet mount water filters will be discussed.

The different types of water filters used in homes are whole house, under the sink, and counter top. The latter types are categorized as point of use systems, meaning that they are installed on individual fixtures, such as faucets, and shower heads. Faucet water filters are typically installed in the kitchen, since this is where the drinking and cooking water is most often used.

The concept of a faucet filter is simple. The filter system consists of two major parts. The first part is the attachment valve that connects directly to the faucet head. This can be done by hand, and no tools are required. This valve diverts unfiltered water. For example, you don’t want to waste filtered water on something such as washing dishes. The second component of the filtration system is the actual filter cartridge and the valve that releases filtered water. Using the system is simple. There are two switches which control each valve, allowing you to select between filtered and unfiltered water from the faucet.

The most important specification of a faucet filter is the actual cartridge. You want to pay attention to the filter life, which can range between 1 to 3 months. However, it is also equally important to notice the filter life expressed in amount of gallons. Depending on the water consumption, the filter cartridge may become clogged and in need of replacement sooner than the suggested time. A faucet water filter typically lasts up to 100 gallons. Since the cartridge is very compact, it cannot have a large capacity as compared to under counter systems which may handle more than 200 gallons.

A great feature about the latest faucet water filters is the digital indicator which reminds users when it is time for replacement. This is very useful because it eliminates any guesswork and the need to pull out the filter and examine it.

Another important feature to consider in a faucet water filter is the filtration mediums. For example, there may be a 2 stage and a 3 stage filter. The more stages, the better the filtration is. For instance, some common filter materials are activated carbon and natural minerals. There may also be a synthetic wrap to remove sediment. Each filter medium is great at removing different contaminants and chemicals from the water.

For example, a sediment wrap removes dirt, sand, rust, and other solid earth like particles. Activated carbon is one of the most effective filtration materials as it removes a variety of contaminants ranging from natural toxic metals to man made chemicals. Although carbon filters can remove microbes and cysts from water, it is not the most effective type of system. Ultraviolet filters are the best systems that can eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

If you are aware that your local water supply may be infected with a small amount of these bacteria, no faucet water filter will completely remove them. It is always suggested to combine multiple filtration systems depending on the local water quality. Speaking of this issue, homeowners should contact their water companies as well as the EPA for official information regarding water safety and issues. When you find out about what is inside your water supply, you will be able to select the right filter, and more importantly avoid spending excessive money.

Some excellent brands that produce faucet mounted water filters are Brita and Pur. The filters are very affordable and are available in great styles such as stainless steel, black or white plastic. These are trusted brands that offer a diverse line of filtration systems. Always remember to use the same replacement filter cartridges, because using filters from different brands may compromise the entire system.

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