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Make Business Card - How to Make an Effective Business Card

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The look of your business card can make or break the image of your business. Creatively arranged text and logos with colors that complement each other and appropriate use of fonts communicate to clients a sense that your company is top notch and has a firm grasp on the knowledge of its particular services or products offered. A shoddily-designed business card with elements that are placed slightly off-kilter, as though the designer threw them together in a hurry, and too many or inappropriate fonts gives the impression that your business is of lower quality and may not be very knowledgeable in its field.

Hiring a professional graphic designer or design firm to make your business card will greatly increase your chances of finding the image you would love to project. Designers are familiar with layout software and visual techniques to make your business card attractive and effective at garnering attention. They also know many design faux pas which, when encountered, are actually inside jokes among graphic designers. They know how to avoid these common mistakes.

The most important elements to use when making your business card are your company’s logo, a short slogan or one-line description of its services, the address, telephone number, and website. You may also want to include, if applicable, an email address and office hours. Normally, the logo should be placed at the top of the card. It may be centered, justified to the left, or justified to the right, depending on its shape and size. For example, a logo that is more horizontal would fill space nicely when centered across the card. A square logo might look more appealing in the corner with text next to it. A vertical logo would do well justified to the left and occupying space from top to bottom with text placed to its right. A horizontal logo composed of only words and no graphics might also do well when centered across the bottom of the card with the slogan at the top and the contact information placed between the two. If your company does not have a slogan, you could state the number of years you have been in business, but only if that number is impressive. If your business has existed for less than 20 years, you probably would not want to include that information as a selling point. If you have been in business longer than that, then you may wish to use one of two common phrases to express that fact. One is “Serving Our Customers Since 1975.” The other is “Over 35 Years Experience.” It is acceptable to include both a slogan or statement of experience and a description of services. For example, an auto repair company may wish to include a bulleted list of services, such as “Oil and Filter Change • Tire Rotation • Fluid Replacement.” Do not succumb to the temptation to list all of your services, however. An overly-wordy business card is unappealing to the eye, harder to read, and therefore less likely to be examined. List only the services you deem the most important or most descriptive of your business. For instance, a garden center may carry ten varieties of lilies and four types of fruit trees, but listing all of these would defeat the purpose of a business card, which is to quickly capture the attention of a potential client with a brief, concise description of the business. A better list would state simply “Lilies • Fruit Trees • Rosebushes.”

The company address and phone number usually appear underneath the logo and slogan. Depending on how your company conducts the majority of its business, you may want to give preference to one over the other. If your office rarely has need of receiving clients in person, then you might want to list your phone number in a bold font and large type above the address. Conversely, if you rarely need to speak to customers over the phone and do most of your business in person, then list your address in a larger, bolder font than your phone number.

When made by a professional designer, your business card can capture the right kind of attention and make your business successful.

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