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Business Associate Degree - Earning a Business Associate Degree is a Great Way to Start an Education or a Career

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An Associate Degree in Business is a useful tool to acquire for individuals who know they would like a career in business, but are as yet undecided as to their ultimate career goal. Such a degree is relatively quick to earn, with most programs being completed in two years of attending school full time, or longer for students who attend part time.

Many community colleges and technical schools offer an Associate Degree in Business program. Some students choose such a route because it is financially advantageous, or because their desired four-year business program is offered at too great a distance to be able to attend the full course. Most Business Associate Degrees will provide a solid foundation which can be easily transferred to a four-year institution when finances or proximity allow. Students may transfer immediately upon graduation to another school; however, it is not at all unusual for students to complete a two-year program and then spend a number of years gaining professional experience in a variety of positions before deciding to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree. In this case, students may be able to use their previously earned Associate Business Degree to qualify them to enter a four-year program as a junior, making the process of earning a Bachelor’s degree much quicker and cheaper.

Students have several choices to make as they embark on their journey to earn an Associate Degree in Business. They may not have to choose a specialization, and can therefore simply focus on general business courses. However, some institutions offer individuals a chance to concentrate on a certain area of business, such as accounting, marketing, sales, or small business management. When a student is undecided as to their ultimate career goal, it is wise to choose a program in which specialization is not a particular requirement. Later, during the course of their education, if the student finds an aptitude for one area, they may decide on a more focused major.

Whether a student chooses a specialization or not, there will still be a general assortment of classes which anyone pursuing a Business Associate Degree will likely encounter. Such classes might include topics like building a business plan, the use of computers in the business world, and various communications classes. Even students who do not choose a specialization will have opportunities to sample courses like accounting, marketing, and advertising as these are all topics which are useful in a business setting.

In addition, students pursuing an Associate Business Degree will find that they are required to complete a certain number of general education requirements. Classes will usually include subjects like mathematics, English, and sociology, all of which can still be quite useful to the business major. Such general education requirements produce more well-rounded students who are better prepared to meet the challenges of the business world today.

Many institutions will also offer students a chance to earn credit for completing an internship at a local company as part of their Associate Business Degree program. If it is at all feasible, students should seriously consider such an option. An internship is a golden opportunity allowing those with little or no work experience to beef up their resume prior to graduation. In addition, students who complete an internship make invaluable connections with co-workers and supervisors who may be in a position to hire the student someday, or at least provide a glowing reference as the graduate begins seeking employment. Another important factor of the internship is the experience and the insight the student gains. From their time as an intern, they may discover an interest in or aptitude for a particular kind of job that would have otherwise remained undiscovered.

The combination of education and experience gained while earning a Business Associate Degree can be indispensable to students who know they want a career in business. Perhaps it is only the beginning of a longer educational career that will end in an MBA program at some point, or perhaps it is the only degree the student will ever earn. Either way, individuals who obtain an Associate Degree in Business are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the modern workplace and are ideally poised for further education or career advancement.

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