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Best Business Software - A List of Some of the Best Business Software Available

blogging: collaboration: backup and recovery: accounting: project management: social networking:

People who make the claim that their business runs itself can make this claim because of an enormous amount of software that keeps everything automated and synchronized. It takes a great deal of computer programs to run a business effectively, and it’s important to find the right balance between price and quality when doing so. Here are some of the best, most commonly used pieces of software being used on the market.


Far and away the most effective blogging tool is Wordpress. It’s completely free, and even websites that don’t have a blog often use this program to develop there website. Providing your customers with current information has become a popular way of attracting business, and Wordpress makes doing so very easy. It only takes a few minutes to get it set up on your site, no matter what kind of site you have, and it is so easy to use that it can actually be fun to use it to post information on your website at the drop of a hat.


Google Docs makes sharing and working together on computer documents easy. If all of your employees have Google accounts, then they can work together on documents in real time. The only two supported file types are word processor documents and spreadsheets, but this encompasses the vast majority of corporate documents anyway. The service is available for free if your needs are not too intense, but there is a premium edition as well that gives you twenty five gigabytes of space instead of seven. The premium edition also offers a scheduling system as well.

Backup and Recovery:

It’s important to routinely back up your files on a secondary hard drive or network device if possible, but if the entire building goes down in flames this still won’t do you any good. Thankfully, there are online backup services like Mozy. They automatically save your files in case something happens to them. It is an easy service to set up that will automatically backup the folders in your system that you tell it to on a periodic basis or in real time. Five dollars a month gives you unlimited service to Mozy.


No business is complete without accounting, and in today’s world that means that no business is complete without accounting software as well. Intuit QuickBooks Pro offers you a flowchart interface that brings small businesses as close to a standard financial management tool as is available. It is also arguable that this is the easiest tool for transferring accounting information from dead trees to the much more easily manipulated and useful computer database. The vast majority of accounting operations you need to perform are just a click away from the main screen. At two hundred dollars, QuickBooks offers a decent price for an invaluable accounting tool.

Project Management:

Basecamp is a great tool for organizing projects. You can use it to write lists and set time lines for goals. This web software also allows your employees to communicate with one another using forums and to share files with one another in order to create a productive online workplace. It touches base on what all of your team members are working on, tracks their hours of working on what if you are so inclined, and lets everybody know what everybody else is working on. Basecamp costs twenty four to a hundred and forty nine dollars per month, depending on how many projects you are managing.

Social Networking:

Facebook and Myspace took over the social networking world for less professional endeavors, but business men and women need to get in touch with one another as well. That is what LinkedIn was created for. Finding people to work for you, to contract with, to outsource to, or to provide a service for you is made easier using this social networking site. The more you participate in the LinkedIn community by recommending people you have worked with, the more often you will find people recommending your services as well. A question and answering system also allows you to ask for business advice from the LinkedIn community. LinkedIn is free for basic service and fifty dollars a month for premium services.

In today’s world, no computer is safe without anti-virus software, and Avira AntiVir is at the top of its charts, offering free basic service as well as charged monthly services to keep your computer safe from harm.

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