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Business Week Mba - Business week MBA Tips for the MBA interview

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More and more people today are seeking degrees in business, and an MBA can offer a fast track to business success in the hands of a person with the right ideas and a willingness to take risks. Business week has established itself as one of the leading authorities on information related to business colleges and business careers, as well as the business world itself. The online magazine frequently offers aspiring business students valuable inside information on the process of applying and gaining admission to some of the most prestigious business schools in the country. This article will describe some of the latest Business week MBA tips for students preparing for interviews at some of the leading business schools in the United States.

One of the most important tips Business week MBA provides about the MBA interview is to know whether or not you are expected as an applicant to ask for an interview or if you should wait for one to be provided to you. If the program you are applying to expects you to ask for an interview before you receive all of the application materials and information from the program, then you should request the interview itself as quickly as you can; this is important to do even if you are not completely sure you will end up applying to the program. The interview to an MBA program will not cost you any money out of pocket besides that required to travel to the location of the interview itself, but it is a necessary part of the admissions process for most programs nowadays, so it is best to complete the requirement and get it out of the way as soon as you can do so. Furthermore, when at the interview itself, try to remember that the interview process is designed to go both ways. On one hand, you will be trying to paint the best possible portrait of yourself to your interviewer or interviewers, but on the other hand, you should keep in mind that it is also their job to present the best possible portrait of the business program to you as a candidate. If you can keep this perspective in mind, you may have a different point of view about a particular school or program, and as a result, you may not only change your mind about the merits of applying to the school or program, you may find yourself more highly motivated to apply to the program.

Another Business week MBA tip for the MBA interview is to time your interview well. If you would like to have an interview with an MBA program that is well known, particularly if you are going to try to schedule such an interview during the time of an MBA fair, it will be extremely important to call the school ahead of time, as such interview slots are likely to fill up in a short amount of time. Regarding the interview location itself, it is often possible to have the interview located on the campus of the business school or program, and it is a good idea to aim for such a location after you have visited the campus as an applicant to the program. This way, you will have the ability to ask your interviewer questions about the location of the school, the general atmosphere of the campus, and the culture of the program, based on the observations you made when you initially visited the school.

A third important Business week MBA tip for the MBA interview is to do your homework regarding background knowledge of the MBA program itself. When you go to an interview, an interviewer from a particular program will be happy to see that you have a detailed knowledge of the program itself, which you can reveal by asking pointed, specific questions relative to that program or school. When you show up, it will be to your advantage to stay calm, even if you feel nervous on the inside, and to provide answers that do not sound rehearsed, even if they are. Typically, the people who interview you will interview hundreds of other applicants, and if you appear unique, you will surely stand out.

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