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Small Business Server Software - Essential small business server software

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More than ever, technology and computers have become essential parts of businesses and enterprises across the country. In order to survive and thrive, any business, no matter how big or small, must have a firm understanding of computer software and hardware and how to use it to maximize its business capacities. This is important with large corporations that may staff thousands of workers and rely on complex technology to manage diverse interfaces and client interactions, but it is also important with small businesses, which may only staff dozens or even fewer employees but still rely on technology to stay up to date with the competition and meet the needs of their clients. By now, most small businesses may make use of servers to manage and distribute computer information, but the best server is only as good as its weakest software components. As a result, small business owners are often curious about what small business server software is essential to support and enhance the functioning and capabilities of their small business ventures. This article will provide a guide to some of the more commonly utilized small business server software solutions to help you evaluate any potential areas for improvement in your small business server software setup.

The first element of small business server software that should be present in any small business server setup is a server operating system. A server operating system is an essential feature because it allows you to centrally manage a number of security services and network features, which then allows you to spend more of your time focusing on improving the quality of services offered by your small business rather than trying to coordinate an office full of computers that are not in sync with each other. An example of a software package that can come in handy here is Microsoft’s small business server, which allows both larger and smaller organizations to use up to date server technology to manage their information databases. Within this server package are tools such as Sharepoint, Exchange, and Update Services, which can help keep all of the computers connected to the server working together and sharing information effectively.

The second element of small business server software that should be present in any small business server setup is a server firewall. A server firewall will protect your small business against any number of threats that can be launched against it from the internet. Modern server firewalls will usually also provide extra business functionality such as VPN connectivity, a general anti virus, and filtering and logging of web content and inbound and outbound connection attempts. If your small business values the privacy and security of its information, it is a good investment to purchase a server firewall; a good server firewall will let you keep both your internal network and your internal information safe from attacks by external sources and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having a secure small business server system.

The third element of small business server software that should be present in any small business server setup is a backup solution. It is perhaps the most important server software that small businesses neglect, because it does not reveal itself to be useful except in emergency situations; however, not having a backup solution in place and functioning after an emergency results in the failures of hundreds of small businesses across the United States ever year. For example, if your office were to suddenly burn down tomorrow due to an electrical incident or the negligence of workers in another building, it is possible that you could lose every physical file in your office as well as the information contained on every computer at your work site. In such situations, a backup solution located off site from the main work location can literally be a business saver. It is not enough to make a backup but leave that backup attached to the personal computer or server in the main office, as this will not provide any protection if the entire office is compromised through a fire or a flood. Rather, backups need to be performed regularly and taken away to serve as effective small business server software.

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