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Business Proposal Sample - Using a Business Proposal Sample to Write Your Own

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If you own a business or are thinking of opening your own business, eventually you will have to master the art of writing a business proposal. It is just how you get clients and financing. This being established, it is clear why knowing how to write a business proposal is of most importance and in your best interest. A business proposal is one of the most challenging documents to write, and necessary to the growth of your business. If you are unsure of how to go about writing a business proposal, you have two choices. You can pay a professional to write it for you, after discussing the features of your business with that person, or you can utilize a business proposal sample to write the proposal.

A business proposal sample acts like a template; it helps you put together a proposal and you can tailor it to your business by altering some sentences and highlighting other important points of your business to make it more personalized to your business. There are many free templates and business proposal samples that you can find over the internet. You can use them as a guide to write a successful business proposal that will represent the purpose of your business, features and benefits, and will gain you new clients. By doing a simple search using the words business proposal sample a large amount of sites with free samples will come up and you can research some of them and chose the template that best matches your business. It is important to make sure that the end product represents your business, and is not a generalized business proposal sample.

Unless your company is so well-known and positioned in the market in a way that clients flock to you, the possibility of writing a business proposal to gain more clients is a real one for you. Whether your goal is to write a solicited or unsolicited business proposal, there are a few issues that you should address and some elements to keep in mind.

Clients need solutions, and one of the main features of your business proposal should be how to address and fill your client’s needs. Without that component, a proposal might as well be a business proposal sample or a general template. Therefore, it is of most importance that you address this point in your proposal and clearly delineate how your company can help the prospective client by offering solutions. One warning here is to be clear, but not give your complete plan away. You do not want your clients to use your model to do the work themselves or hire a competitor and supply your business solutions to the competitor. Therefore, be clear, but do not give it away. The ultimate goal is to get the client.

Just as wanting solutions, prospective clients want benefits. What can you offer that will benefit their company? Include this as part of your proposal; it is second most important after offering solutions.

Highlight what your company has done for other clients, while maintaining client confidentiality – give samples of your work and highlight any successes. This is a sure way to build credibility in your proposal. Ask previous clients for referrals and endorsements.

If you can build your proposal in a way that you can talk your targeted client’s jargon/language, you have achieved a level of professionalism and will surely have a winning proposal – even when you have used the shell of a business proposal sample to construct your own. This lets your client know that you understand their business, and clients like to know that a provider understands their business. In their business minds, a provider who understands their business saves them much needed time of the back, and time in the business world, is equal to money. So, by doing this you are building value off the back, you have become a valuable product, and companies like to invest in valuable products – you have evolved your position to an investment, and therefore, you have elevated your services above other competitors. The result is a winning proposal that will get you the job, and most likely, future work and referrals.

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