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Grant For Small Business - Small Business Grant Funding Opportunities

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A grant for small business can give you the funds you need to help achieve your business goals. The federal government provides most small business grants to projects in the areas of research, energy efficiency, auto technology innovation and rural development. However, women, minorities and entrepreneurs with businesses in under-served areas can apply for a grant for small business from private sector and non-profit organizations. Applying for a grant for small business is a competitive process and you must have a clear vision for the present and future success of your business. In addition to submitting a detailed application, you must have a portfolio that includes a business plan, marketing materials and other data related to your customer base as well as data about your competition. Small businesses existing exclusively on grants typically employ a grant writer to write grant proposals on an on-going basis.

The first thing you have to do in order to apply for a grant for small business is to search for funding opportunities related to your business. The Small Business Administration at Sba.gov, a government entity created to assist small business owners, lists several small business grant opportunities available to business owners by state. Business Owners’ Idea Café, a private-sector small business resource organization founded by business owners in 1995, is an example of a private-sector organization that awards small business grants in the amount of $1000 to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and solid business plans. Your business ideas do not have to be government-related in order to quality for an award.

You can also apply directly to the federal government for a grant for small business if your company provides community and civic development services. Grants.gov, a directory of grant funding opportunities, lets you search and apply for grants related to your business. Be advised that federal grant application guidelines are often very specific. If you apply for and are awarded a federal grant for your small business, you will be required to follow up with the grant funding agency on a regular basis to ensure that funds are being spent in accordance with the award. Small businesses with a focus on health care, education and community development typically qualify for federal small business grants. Federal grants for women-owned businesses provided by the Women’s Business Council are also listed at grants.gov.

In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act began providing grants for small businesses focused on automobile technology innovation, energy efficiency and rural development. If you have a qualifying small business, you can apply to receive grant funding for moving America further along into the 21st century by providing innovative products and services and for creating jobs. Small business projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act include creating companies to provide Internet broadband to rural communities.

Local governments and businesses continually look for ways to expand opportunities in their communities. Contact your state and local government or your local business community network for information about grants for small businesses available to small business owners. Small business grants made available by local governments and business community networks increase the offerings of goods and services available to the business community, local residents and tourists. Such businesses include technology, research and transportation companies.

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