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Small Business Printing - Keep Small Business Printing Affordable

proof documents carefully use refillable ink cartridges choose the right paper

Printing has become a large part of the regular operations of most small businesses. Small business printing can look as polished and professional as print jobs that are done by much larger corporations. Unfortunately, small business printing can also be more expensive than some small businesses can comfortably afford. There are some things a small business can do to reduce the cost of printing and continue to produce professional documents from their own office.

Proof Documents Carefully

One of the easiest ways to save money in a small business printing situation is to make sure that the documents you print are error free. Many companies spend hundreds of unnecessary dollars reprinting documents that had to be updated or were printed with mistakes. You will save money on ink, paper, and employee time if you make sure that each document is exactly the way you want it before you hit the print button. When possible, have someone who was not part of creating the document look it over for you. Fresh eyes may see something that you would not notice because you spent so much time looking at the document already.

Use Refillable Ink Cartridges

Another way to cut costs in small business printing is to take advantage of refillable ink cartridge technology. Once you purchase a refillable ink cartridge kit, you can continue to refill the cartridge any time it runs low. All you have to purchase is the ink that goes into the old cartridge. Companies that use refillable cartridges can realize a substantial savings when compared to how expensive replacement cartridges from name brand manufacturers can be. You can purchase ink in bulk quantities to increase your savings even more.

Choose the Right Paper

Small business printing is usually done on smaller printers. That means that the people who operate the printers have more control over what kind of paper is being used for any particular print job. When you are printing normal black and white documents, you can use inexpensive copy paper and the results will be just as nice as if you had used more expensive paper. If you are printing photos or images, try to use paper that has a glossier finish so that it will not absorb the ink too much and cause the colors to be dull.

Adjust Printer Settings on the Computer

Every small business printing job should be set up individually so that it uses the right type of paper and the proper printer settings. When you print a job from your computer, you will be given the opportunity to fine tune the printer settings before the job will finish processing. Choose settings that are accurate for the type of print you need. Set the ink levels as low as possible for black and white documents so that the printer will use as little ink as necessary. Change the paper settings if you use something other than white copy paper so that the print will look the way you want it to the first time.

Avoid Color as Often as Possible

Color printing is not as expensive as it used to be, but it is still more expensive than printing in black and white. If you want to keep your small business printing as affordable as possible, try to use color sparingly. There are times when a presentation needs color printing so that it is impressive and professional. There are other times, though, when black and white is just as good. If you need to print proof copies before you print the actual document, set the printer to black and white so that you only print in color for the final copies.

Realize When it is Cheaper to Hire Printing Out

There are times when small business printing is less expensive for a company when it is sent out to a third party to be completed. If you are printing several hundred copies of a document, you will spend less money and time to have the copies printed at an off site facility that has the capability to perform bulk printing. You can also save money if you need large prints or special binding for your documents. Figure out the costs that would be involved in printing at the office and compare them to the price of printing through an outside printer.

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