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Starting Cleaning Business - How to Start a Cleaning Business

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In this tumultuous economy and unfavorable job market, many people are embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, many people dream of the day that they can become self-employed. And one self-employment opportunity offers particularly low startup costs and doesn’t require a great deal of specialized training. This business opportunity is none other than starting a cleaning business.

Admittedly not the most glamorous job, people that start their own cleaning business value autonomy and the satisfaction of a job well done. And, in fact, it is possible to earn a good income through your own cleaning business.

Before starting a cleaning business, it is important to thoroughly research your market and create a workable business plan. Many small businesses fail because the owners had not set aside enough money to get them through the first months of business ownership. A small business is not likely to flourish right out of the starting gate. It will likely take some time and concentrated marketing effort to get the small business off the ground. In order to eliminate financial stress during this startup period, a small business owner should set aside at least 6 months of income before launching the small business.

In the case of a cleaning business, the entrepreneur has another option. If the entrepreneur is employed elsewhere he could continue his full-time job while operating his cleaning business at night or on the weekends. Although this might mean a hectic and tiring schedule for a while, it will enable the entrepreneur to build a solid client base and test the waters before committing to running her cleaning business full time.

The entrepreneur will also need to consider the legal issues involved with starting a cleaning business. He will need to decide if he wants to incorporate his business or maintain it as a sole proprietorship. Incorporation laws vary by state, so the cleaning business owner will need to research her state’s laws regarding incorporation procedure.

Additionally, the entrepreneur will need to determine what insurance policy will best meet his needs. She may choose to speak to an insurance agent or to a small business support organization, such as the U.S. Small Business Association, to determine what type of insurance policy best meets her needs.

Then, the entrepreneur will need to narrow the focus of her cleaning business. Would she like to focus primarily on homes? Will she offer her services to offices or restaurants as well? Will he offer basic cleaning services or more advanced services, such as carpet cleaning or power washing? Will she use traditional cleaning products or greener alternatives?

Next, the cleaning service owner will need to focus on a marketing plan. Business cards are an order of first importance. There are many web-based printers in addition to brick-and-mortar office supply stores that offer affordable rates on business cards. The cleaning service owner should list a phone number as well as an e-mail address on the business card. If the cleaning service has a website, that should be listed on the business card as well. While catchy graphics on a business card can catch a customer’s attention, make sure that the graphics or font do not interfere with conveying the essential contact information for the cleaning service. Once the cleaning business owner possesses business cards, he should hand them out at every opportunity.

Of course, there are many other ways to attract business. The cleaning business owner may consider distributing fliers or door hangers. She may choose to place an ad in the local newspaper or radio station. Often, phone and web directories require the business owner to pay a fee in order to secure the listing. The cleaning service owner will need to determine whether or not she wants her company listed in such a directory. Certainly, a website is a great way to inform the community about a cleaning service. If the cleaning service owner knows a web designer, he can put together a custom site. Otherwise, there are many affordable templates online from which the entrepreneur can build a website.

After putting in the research and effort involved in starting a cleaning business, the cleaning service owner is likely to experience a rewarding career as a small business owner. Customer referrals will help her to continue to grow her business, and she may even grow to the point of hiring additional employees.

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