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Computer Home Based Business - Starting a Computer Home Based Business

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The economy is not creating traditional jobs. People are maxing out their unemployment benefits, with no new jobs in sight. However, with a computer and some hard work, entrepreneurs can develop their own computer home based business. Some of the most respected internet and computer companies started out in their owner’s basements and garages. Among these are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon.com, Craigs List, eBay, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Myspace.

Numerous advantages make a computer home based business financially rewarding. The headache of commuting is eliminated, freeing time for work or other plans. IT cuts transportation time and costs. Many computer home based business owners are able to work when it is best for them. This is ideal for parents of small children.

The main disadvantage is uncertainty. Unlike being an employee, there are no guarantees of a set income for a given time period. Often there is a feast-or-famine condition. It takes time to adjust the cash flow and budget. When one does not work, one does not get paid. Taxes, health insurance, and retirement funding are the computer home based business owner’s responsibility. It is also difficult to balance family life and work life. Even so, people are seeking the many opportunities available to them.

Freelance writing has long been a home-based employment option. Computers have made it easier than ever to write articles for traditional newspapers, journals, and magazines. There is also opportunity to create content for web sites and blogs. People with significant skills, knowledge, or research abilities can also write and publish their own e-books for digital download. Another choice would be a print-on-demand service like Book Surge. Few limits exist for this computer home based business.

Blogging has become more than just a hobby. It can be a lucrative enterprise for a computer home based business. Typical blogs have three purposes; personal, informational, and selling one’s own product. The best bet is choosing a niche topic of interest and basing the blog posts around it. The key to making money with blogs is marketing. Search Engines are the index of the internet, and web sites compete for top ranking spots on the first page. Blogs often contain advertising and related affiliate links which bring in revenue.

Marketing combines the best elements of freelancing with maximizing revenue for clients. The internet has led to an abundance of niche products. Marketers seek to bring information about their client’s products to the attention of paying customers. People with skills in advertising, public relations, and market research will find this a powerful computer home based business.

Many Graphic Designers have found that a computer home based business makes economic sense. The key to this business is professionally treating client acquisition, marketing, and communication. Most graphic designers already have the multimedia computers and software that they need. However, creative people with an interest, and willingness to learn new software, can enter this fields.

Many home computer based business owners run an internet auction firm. Web sites like eBay are great for selling retail goods, antiques, and niche products. For crafters, the site eSty is probably the best bet. Other retail choices include selling books online. There are many outlets for selling all kinds of books, the most famous being Amazon Marketplace. Good books can be purchased from different sources such as estate sales, auctions, and library sales.

An excellent computer home based business for busy mothers is Virtual Assisting. These professionals provide businesses with support services that are often performed by full time secretaries. Word processing, contact management, data entry and desktop publishing being chief among the sought after skills. This is a relatively inexpensive operation to start, requiring just a good multimedia computer, some basic office equipment, and a separate telephone line.

Former teachers, college students, and former professionals are finding that there is money to be made in the computer home based business of online tutoring. There are companies one can contract with for students, or a person can start their own wen site to obtain students. Webcams and collaborative software make it easy to interact with students no matter where they live.

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