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Harvard School Of Business - An Introduction to the Harvard School of Business

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The harvard school of business has been educating business leaders since 1908 and is consistently ranked among the top business schools in the United States. Graduates of the school include former US Presidents, cabinet officers, Senators, Governors, and CEOs of major corporations.

The case method is a cornerstone of the harvard business school with their faculty writing over 80% of the cases used by business schools throughout the world. The faculty works with business leaders to write over 350 new cases annually and update one-third of the current cases. The case method teaches students the skills, confidence and insights to succeed in the real world business environment.

In addition to writing case studies, the school’s faculty helps in authoring over 35 books each year. They also publish more than 300 new research papers yearly and write for general business publications. Many faculty members also serve as consultants, advisors and board members to various companies.

The school offers nine PhD and DBA programs, an MBA program, and over 60 executive education programs. The graduate programs are very competitive and only 12-15% of applicants are accepted into the MBA program and approximately 5% of applicants make the cut for the PhD and DBA programs.

The harvard school of business PhD programs prepare students to become faculty at other top business schools. These students generally spend two-three years on their coursework and another two years on their dissertation. There is no requirement to be a research or teaching assistant while in the program. The DBA programs offered are Marketing, Accounting, Management, Strategy, and Technology and Operations Management. The PhD programs are Organizational Behavior, Health Policy Management, Business Economics, and Science Technology and Management.

The MBA program consists of a required curriculum of all first year students. The students are put into sections of 90 students that they take their core classes with. The sections are created to mix backgrounds, diversity, interests, and experience. During the second year, students take elective courses that are in their desired specialty.

The demographics of the harvard school of business student body are varied. Approximately 36% of the students are women, 22% minorities and about 36% are international students from 70 different countries. The average age of an MBA student is 27. Almost 70% of all the students receive some form of financial aid.

The campus covers forty acres containing 33 buildings. Their library is the largest business library in the world and houses over 600,000 volumes. Over 80% of the MBA students reside on campus and all executive education program students live on campus.

The harvard school of business begins preparing graduates during their first year at the school. The students take self assessment tests, meet with career coaches, alumni, and others to help them make informed decisions about their future. The median salary for new graduates of the school averages over $100,000.

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