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Business Graduate Schools - Choosing the best business graduate schools

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When it comes to graduate school, there are quite a few things that really matter for prospective students. You want to choose a school that will put you in good position to land a job in the business world, and this is not always the easiest thing to do. Some business graduate schools are better than others, and some can be identified as truly elite. Whether or not you can gain entrance into the most elite business graduate schools depends upon your GMAT scores, your undergraduate experience, and your work experience. When all of the factors are thrown together, the goal becomes finding business graduate schools to suit your needs the best.

What to make of elite business graduate schools
When people hear the word “elite” in relation to business school, they often think of a few names. One of those is the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. As an Ivy League institution, it almost goes without saying that Wharton is one of the business graduate schools you must consider for prestige. It is a school that is incredibly hard to get into, but they provide top notch instruction on a host of business topics. The management program at Wharton is not the strongest, but they make up for it with an emphasis in economics and finance.

Moving on down the Ivy League, many consider Harvard Business School to be the cream of the crop. An MBA from Harvard is something that you can put to use in many different ways. Since a huge part of a graduate school’s value is tied up in its ability to land you a job, this is worth considering. When people see the Harvard name on your resume, they will immediately assume certain things about you. Almost all of those things will be positive and will work in your favor. If you are looking for elite business graduate schools that offer top-notch management programs, this is the place to look. Many of the world’s business leaders own a Harvard MBA.

Another of the business graduate schools in the United States that demands consideration is the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. This is an excellent choice for those who want to make in-roads in the crowded Chicago business world. Kellogg degrees carry much clout and graduates are known as competent. This is one of the best business graduate schools for advanced accounting or global economics. It also features a very strong marketing program for people who want to go that direction.

Know that all of these schools have very stringent requirements, both in terms of academic achievement and in terms of work experience. You will usually need 2-3 years of substantive work experience to earn consideration, and you will have to have elite scores on the GMAT. The quality of your undergraduate school is less important than your grades when going through the application process, but it will come into play, as well.

Best business graduate schools abroad
If you are looking to study business somewhere other than the United States, there is one name that you must remember. That is the London School of Economics, which remains a top name in Europe. This is a great choice for American students, as well, since it exposes them to more teaching on global markets. London School of Economics provides strong programs in all business-related fields, but it is stronger in the global finance and macroeconomic realms. Its requirements are right up there with elite American business schools, if not higher because of the demand among international students.

What to make of online business graduate schools
Though elite business graduate schools provide the most options, they are not a reasonable choice for all students. Some will be shut out by these schools or just won’t be able to make it work. There are online MBA options for people who are currently working and want to add a degree to their resume line. Know that these online programs do offer some nice instruction and they can help you advance if you are already working for a company. University of Phoenix and Everest University are two of the top online providers. Don’t expect these business graduate schools to open up any new doors for you, but they can remove limitations at your current place of employment.

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