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Australian Business Register - How to Acquire, Access and Use of Your ABR Number

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Your ABR (Australian Business Register) Number is your unique and accessible identifier for your Australian tax needs. How to acquire, access and use yours and others’ ABR number is a result of the establishment of a new tax system act, specifically, "s24 of New Tax System (ABN) Act of 1999.

The ABR website is available online and easy to navigate. Here is an attempt to inform those investigating their registration of what to expect, what is available, and some frequently asked questions.

Applying for a business number is authorised by one and/or more of the following Acts:

Income Tax System
Income Tax Assessment
Goods and Services, Luxury Car, and Wine Equalisation Taxes
Fuel Tax, etc.

After registration is completed, the information is publicly available information, including the following areas:

The ABN (Australian Business Number)
The entity type (your business category)
Trade Name, etc.

Additionally, after registration is completed, some of the information is held as private, and as one might assume, ABR’s security standards are continually being updated and monitored for your protection:

Entity Tax File Number
Contact Person’s Name
Contact Person’s telephone number
Business Activity Details, etc.

Until your ABR number registration is complete, you are able to Pay As You Go (PAYG) so that you may begin business activity while process continues. This requires specific software, which is easily downloaded using the ABR link [www.abr.gov.au/auskey) The software needed currently is “AUSkey”, or ATO digital certificates.

Translators to accommodate your native language are available by phone.

For the novice in business, a frequently asked question may be, “Why do I need to complete the australian business register process?” The imperative need and use of the number is for tax protection; other business entities will not be able to withold tax at the top marginal rate from their payments they make to you. Also, if you have a need or desire to be endorsed as a “deductible gift recipient,” and/or wish to be endorsed as a “tax concession charity,” you may do so. You can also maintain an “income tax exempt fund” status. There is also a link on the ABR site that has many other FAQ’s for your convenience, and a contact link for your unique or unasked question to date.

There is also a “live” link where up-to-date changes in Acts that impact your tax obligations are literally listed on a daily basis. You may also file online complaints and/or appeals, or call a listed phone number.

Basically, the process through the australian business register has been made easy through technology and effort on the part of the Australian New Tax entity. Your unique identifier makes your ABR number your personal property. Future applications, updates, and tax law changes should be even more timely in informing ABR number registered members. There is a toll free number included if you find you need more help than the web site links provide, as well as their full physicall address.

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