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Computer Laptop Bags - Computer Laptop Bags - Protecting Your Computer On the Go

not all bags are equal

After spending up to two thousand dollars for a new laptop computer, you will certainly want to protect it, especially when you travel. Making sure your computer arrives safely, whether it’s across campus or across the ocean, makes the investment in a notebook computer bag more than worthwhile.

Not All Bags Are Equal

When shopping for a computer laptop bag, make sure you get one that is appropriate for your computer. Laptop and notebook computer sizes vary from model to model, and it’s important that you buy the bag that fits your computer. The new Apple iPad notebook computer needs a small bag, while the MacBooks, being larger, require a 17-inch bag, like the VNC-17.

Prices also vary. Some notebook computer bags, such as the Case Logic LNEO-10 Neoprene Notebook bag cost from $15.00 to $30.00, while larger notebook backpack computer bags run from $70.00 to over $100.00.

Pick the Notebook Computer Bag that fits Your Style

Notebook Computer Bags come in a variety of styles, from plain black utilitarian bags that are appropriate for the traveling businessman, to colorful decorated carriers that make a fashion statement. For the student, or traveling writer, who normally also carries many other items, such as extra flash drives, reference books, battery chargers, and the like, a notebook backpack might be a better choice than the simple laptop computer bags that have limited storage space.

If you do a lot of heavy-duty traveling, you might consider a hard case for your computer rather than a soft cloth bag. The hard cases provide an extra margin of safety for your computer if you work outdoors. Many of them are also waterproof.

Air travelers often find it annoying having to remove their laptops from the bag when going through airport inspection checkpoints. TSA regulations now allow the computer to be left in the bag if it has a separate foldout compartment containing only the computer, or if the computer is the only item in a small notebook computer bag. Laptop computer bags with a separate, removable container for the computer save time and hassle when going through checkpoints. In addition, by not having to remove the computer and put it uncovered in an inspection tray, it is protected from scratches and other damage.

How to Select the Right Laptop Computer Bag

Many Internet vendors who sell notebook computer bags also offer a program that helps the purchaser make the right decision before ordering.

At some of the Internet sites of companies that sell notebook computer bags, for instance, there will be a link that allows you to use pull-down menus to identify your specific computer. This includes such information as width, length, and thickness for each specific model of computer. You are then given a choice of notebook computer bags that are right for your computer. Computer supply stores in most major cities also offer a wide range of bags, or can order the specific bag for your computer.

When purchasing a notebook computer, often notebook computer bags are the last thing on the buyer’s mind. To keep your computer safe while being transported, however, this should be a priority item on your shopping list.

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