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Discount Laptop Computers - College Prep: Three Essentials to Consider Before Purchasing Discount Laptop Computers

manufacturers specifications warranties

Saving money is the number one concern for all consumers today, but there are plenty of discount laptop computers available online and in stores. The word “discount” does not mean the computer lacks function these days. In fact, today’s discount laptops are full of essentials such as improved memory, processors, and hard drives that can hold a college student’s homework assignments with ease.

College students are in need of discount laptop computers to help save money while preparing for their return or on set to college. Parents and students can save a great amount of money if they are ready to consider important factors when purchasing your laptop. Smart shopping skills for IT needs include evaluating manufacturers, specifications, and warranties offered by retailers or manufacturers when purchased.


Searching for a great laptop means understanding the offers from major manufacturers such as Acer, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell. Each manufacturer has a distinctive characteristic which makes their discount laptop computers worthwhile for anyone in need of good technology. For instance, HP Compaq laptops start as low as $399 at major retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart. Everyday users to IT professionals can take advantage of these affordable prices and the specifications offered for the computers are amazing.

Choose your laptop by checking reviews on the manufacturer’s websites online or asking IT professionals located on campus. Your college or university’s IT professionals will provide the specifications needed to connect to the wireless network, handle the OS systems (Windows 7, Red Hat Linux, and MAC OS X). Review the specifications of discount laptop computers to make sure they are compatible with the campus network.


What do you want and/or need in a laptop computer? Do you need mobility, speed, graphics, memory, and hard drive space? Well, finding a discount laptop computer with these essentials means paying attention to the specifications offered by the manufacturers. Highly productive laptops include the following specifications: Windows 7 Home Premium, or MAC OS X, 3GB Memory, 250GB or more Hard Drive, 15.6” Wide-Screen, and Dual-Core Processors.


Manufacturers and retailers offer warranties to new laptop purchases. The costs of warranties vary; find out what benefits are included in any purchase you make such as part replacements, automatic upgrades, and 24/7 technical support. Manufacturers who provide technical support should also have a successful track record in great customer service. The customer service you receive is a factor of how much a company values your loyalty.

College students are always searching for the latest discount laptop computers that can ease their transitions to college. Work through the amount of information available on the laptops to find one that matches your needs. IT professionals at your university are the best sources for figuring out the specifications, then you review different manufacturers, and ensure warranties are available after your purchase.

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