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Panasonic Laptop Computers - What’s So Great about Panasonic Laptop Computers?

by joe johnston

Panasonic is a brand created in 1955 by Japanese electronics manufacturer Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. for distribution in the Americas. Reflecting the immense success of the Panasonic brand, in 2008, the Matsushita Company changed its company name to Panasonic Corporation. In 2009, the Panasonic Corporation was placed as the 89th largest company on the planet by the Forbes Global 2000 research body.
Beginning in 1918 with the manufacture of duplex lamp sockets and upgrading to bicycles and then television sets, Panasonic has always been a highly technically minded company. In the 1960’s, due to the booming growth of the electronics industry, Panasonic began manufacturing a flood of electronics products such as radios and receivers. Soon it developed a hi-fidelity audio speaker which quickly became a worldwide success, still famous today for its accuracy, durability, and excellent performance. Seeing the success of this line of products, Panasonic then branched out into the sale and manufacture of other audio related electronics products such as CD players, headphones, etc., where it quickly became a giant in the international audio industry.
In the 1980’s began the rise of the personal computer and, seeing the profit to be made in the personal computer industry, Panasonic soon moved into the computer business and began developing its own line of quality Panasonic laptop computers. They built the world famous brand name “Let’s Note,” still available today in cutting edge models, and started off with a variety of Panasonic laptop computers which included, among others, the widely popular Let’s Note CF series.
Although the Let’s Note CF series of Panasonic laptop computers was not directly targeted towards the international market, being only available worldwide from Japanese importers, it still enjoyed a high degree of international success. The Let’s Note CF series received rave reviews from many experts and consumers alike, praising such things as the quick arrival time (shipped from Japan), ease of use, and problem free interface. There were found to be very few hardware conflicts or software complications, allowing rapid and trouble free installation of most essential software and extra hardware, including PCMCIA cards. The colors were bright and sharp, the audio amazingly crisp for a laptop, and even the touchpad mouse was precise and easy to use. Some drawbacks to these early Panasonic laptops computers included the relatively short battery life and lack of variety in physical ports, but neither of those posed any significant problems to common consumer use.
Today, there are various different series’ of Panasonic laptop computers available from the Panasonic Corporation, but these all boil down into two major categories: the notebooks, and the Toughbooks.
The notebooks include the well known and popular R series of Panasonic laptop computers, critically reviewed as “one of the best notebooks you can buy,” and highly touted for its unrivaled usability in its weight class. Weighing in at only just less than two pounds, the R series of Panasonic laptop computers has an amazingly large keyboard and screen for its size. Together with its enhanced battery performance, the ultra low voltage of its processor offers an exceptionally long unplugged performance time while not taking away from speed or processing time. The R series of Panasonic laptop computers comes with eleven different color options and is a sleek and gorgeous machine. It is able to withstand up to 110 pounds of weight without being crushed and can endure repeated drops from as much as 12 inches off the ground. This machine is also shock-mounted to ensure data retention despite the stress of travel.
Another major brand name in current Panasonic laptop computers, the Toughbook, was originally designed for military and law enforcement markets, as well as heavy industrial buyers. Marketing has since been expanded to include the general public. The Toughbook, as its name implies, is designed for extreme rough handling including vibration, spills, falls, and even harsh temperatures. More than 500 quality checks are performed during production to ensure the toughness of each model, and every unit is subjected to a burn-in period while still in the factory.
These Panasonic laptop computers come with a magnesium alloy case and can be purchased in business, semi-rugged, and fully rugged models, depending on their planned consumer use.

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