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Computer Network Hardware - Which computer network hardware do you need?

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If you have decided it is time to start a home network involving your computer or computers, you may be puzzled at where to begin. There are a number of different types of networks that you can create, depending on your needs and budget, and there is computer network hardware available to enable you to do almost anything you want with your computers, presuming you are willing to pay for the capabilities. However, most people are not trying to do everything with their computer networks, and are simply interested in ways to connect multiple computers in their home environments to the internet. This guide will provide information over how to set up home networks, and will discuss the necessary computer network hardware to make such home networks a reality.

If you are interested in setting up a wireless network in your home, you will need several things: a router, a computer, a wireless network card inside the computer, a modem, and a high speed internet connection. Presuming you already have a high speed internet connection, instead of running the ethernet cable from your modem directly into your computer, you will need to run it into the router and then configure the router so it transmits a wireless signal to your computer.

Your wireless router will probably come with software you need to install to configure it properly. If you are an advanced user, you can typically bypass the wizard and save some time during the installation process. Nonetheless, it is probably a good idea to follow the instructions just in case, particularly if you are installing the system for someone else or will be living with others who may need to reconfigure the network in your absence. It is not as difficult to create a network as you might think; as long as you have the necessary equipment and carefully follow the steps outlined by the software for the router, you will likely be able to complete the process in half an hour. Once you have finished setting up the router, enable the wireless function and then enable wireless security so the only people who can access the internet wirelessly will be people who know the password you have activated.

In general, if you have the choice between setting up a wired home network or a wireless home network, a wireless network will be the more convenient option, as it will allow you to access the internet from anywhere within your house or apartment. However, there are some cases where you might prefer a wired network, such as when you depend on an extremely reliable connection. People setting up networks for multiplayer gaming often prefer using wired networks.

The most common type of home network created is the type that enables you to connect multiple computers to the same high speed internet connection, either through a wired router or through a wireless router. However, in some cases, your needs may be much simpler. For example, if your goal is simply to create a basic network between two computers, all you will need is an ethernet cord. In this case, you will not need a router, which is generally used to distribute internet traffic across multiple computers. Remember, however, that with this kind of connection, you will be limited to two computers that can be connected together. If you need or want to connect more than two computers, you will need an ethernet hub and one ethernet cord for each computer you want to connect.

As you can see, the kind of computer network hardware you need will depend on the kind of network you are trying to create. The more experience you have with computers and networks, the easier the procedure will be, but if you already have basic experience working with routers and networks, you will likely be able to do the debugging yourself. However, the process can be a technical one, and if you do need help, you should look for a friend with more experience to assist you. Before consulting others or seeking professional assistance, however, be sure you have thoroughly read the instruction manuals provided to you with whatever hardware you are trying to install.


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