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Monitors For Computers - Different Types of Monitors for Computers

flat screen desktop monitors wall mounted monitors traditional desktop monitors projection monitors

There was a time when monitors for computers were sold together with the computer as part of the package. Modern computers are generally sold separately so that consumers can choose the kind of monitor that they want to use. Computer monitors come in several different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some monitors have glossy screens, while others have matte finishes. The type of monitor that you choose depends on the way you plan to use the computer and the space you have available.

Flat Screen Desktop Monitors

The most popular type of desktop monitor on the market today is the flat screen monitor. These monitors for computers are only a few inches deep, which allows them to be used comfortably on even the smallest desk space. Their flat screen images are sharp and clear when viewed directly. You can purchase flat screen monitors for computers that are as small as 13" and as large as 46". The average consumers use 17" monitors for computers that need to fit on conventional desktops. Anything larger than 17" requires a special desk or office to accommodate the size of the monitor.

Wall Mounted Monitors

If you plan to purchase a monitor that is larger than 17", you may want to consider a wall mounted model. Monitors for computers can be equipped with special hangers that allow them to be placed flat on the wall above the desk instead of on the desk itself. Mounting the monitor on the wall makes it easier to work with images that are large because it moves them a little further away from your eyes. Hanging a large monitor above the desk is also better for your back and neck because it allows you to look straight forward while you are working on the computer.

Traditional Desktop Monitors

Traditional desktop monitors for computers are more difficult to find than they used to be because everyone is converting to flat screen models. If you do find an older monitor that has a large box-shaped case, you will probably be able to purchase it for an excellent price. These older monitors are being used less because they take up so much room on a desk. Their technology is still sound, however, so if you have the space and want to save some money you should consider buying a traditional desktop monitor for your home or office.

High Definition LCD Monitors

The increased use of computers for watching television and movies has created a steady market for LCD monitors that support high definition images. Monitors for computers have become more than just a convenient interface. Many computer users utilize their computers for playing games, watching videos, and creating digital art as well as performing traditional business tasks. A high definition LCD monitor will perform equally well for all of those applications. The only drawback with an LCD monitor is that it can become faded when viewed from the sides. These monitors need to be aimed directly at the user for the best results.

Using a Television as a Monitor

The ultimate entertainment monitors for computers are high definition flat screen televisions that have computer monitor hookups. Connecting your computer to your television allows you to watch movies and videos at their best quality. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase your own home videos on a larger screen that can be viewed comfortably by everyone in the room. Not all televisions are exactly alike, but most of them can be used as monitors for computers simply by using a normal monitor cable and connecting it to your computer tower. Speakers will need to be connected to the computer in order to transmit the sound from the videos.

Projection Monitors

It is also possible to display your computer’s screen through a projector that acts as a monitor. Projectors allow computer users to transport their videos, presentations, and other documents to any meeting or gathering where they would like to show them. The projector can display the monitor at the same time as it is displayed on the computer’s screen, which makes it easy to control the computer while everyone watches it together through the projector. Projector monitors for computers work best with laptops rather than desktops.

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we are in search of a wall mounted pc/ computer monitor size 60 inches or more for display the computer screen directly [without projector] for our plant control establishment.

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