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19 Computer Monitors - Rave Reviews on the Top 19 Computer Monitors in the World

by joe johnston

The top 19 computer monitors in the world are worth every penny of their price. I will give a short review on the first 7, and list the other 12 for your information, to make 19 computer monitors total. The ratings for these 19 computer monitors will be based on the following things:
Response Time. This is how long it takes for the each pixel in the monitor to turn to complete black from absolute white and back again. Although this happens so extremely fast that we measure it in milliseconds, it’s important because slower response times may sometimes leave part of the last frame visible if the frame changes faster than your monitor can refresh. These 19 computer monitors have the fastest response time in the world—but which of the 19 computer monitors are the best?
Interfacing. Which of these 19 computer monitors have the best connection to the outside world, offering the most compatibility with the least amount of image quality lost?
Contrast Ratio. How black is the blackest black, and how white is the whitest white? The bigger the contrast ratio of these 19 computer monitors, the better the image quality, and the higher their ranking.

Top 19 Computer Monitors, Number Seven: BenQ G2222HDL
Taking the tenth spot in our top 19 computer monitors, this beauty has just the basics in interfacing and no extra inputs, but amazing image quality and contrast for the price. Highlights may appear slightly washed out, and grays may feature a minor greenish tinge, but for an entry level, basic monitor, this BenQ takes the cake.

Top 19 Computer Monitors, Number Six: Asus VH236H
With a full range of interface, and even built in speakers, this Asus deserves its place among our top 19 computer monitors. Costing almost $100 dollars less than comparable monitors from other manufacturers, this Asus fared excellently in response time and contrast tests, although the backlight tended to bleed through on particularly dark frames.

Top 19 Computer Monitors, Number Five: Asus VG236H
This Asus is made for 3D, coming with its own vision kit and easy to use hardware. The screen is glossy so avoid glares, the default brightness settings are a tad too high, and the colors not quite warm enough. Still, the amazing 3D detail and responsiveness makes this monitor an excellent pick for our top 19 computer monitors.

Top 19 Computer Monitors, Number Four: Dell UltraSharp U2211H
Although it has a very competitive price and a reasonable range of interface options, where the Dell shines is color fidelity. The colors pop out at the viewer brightly and accurately, earning this monitor its spot among our top 19 computer monitors. The contrast ratio is also above average, although there is some almost insignificant backlight leakage.

Top 19 Computer Monitors, Number Three: NEC MultiSync EA231WMi
The price and features of this NEC compare very favorably to competing models, and the color accuracy, contrast, and black depth is excellent! This NEC shines on our top 19 computer monitor list, even though interface is slightly limited, and response time is only decent.

Top 19 Computer Monitors, Number Two: Eizo FlexScan SX2262W
Although one of the most expensive monitors on our top 19 computer monitors list, this jewel works hard for that money. With an extremely high resolution, amazing color reproduction, and great connectivity options, this Eizo is playing in the big leagues. Cons include high energy consumption and slightly low contrast.

Top 19 Computer Monitors, Number One: Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA
Taking the top spot of the 19 computer monitors we reviewed, this Dell is practically perfect. Interfacing is extensive, performance is amazing, and working with this monitor is pure bliss. Color reproduction is almost perfect and contrast levels are extremely high. The price is not too bad either, considering the quality of this model.

Below are the other 12 of our top 19 computer monitors. Although not falling within the top 7 of the 19 computer monitors we reviewed, these all received great ratings and, compared to their competitors, come with our highest recommendation.

Dell Alienware OptX AW2310
Acer H243Hbmid
Acer H233H
Samsung SyncMaster P2250
Asus VH196D
Samsung P2450H
Dell UltraSharp U2711
HP 2509m
Dell UltraSharp U2311H
ViewSonic VX2033wm
Benq V2220

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