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Computer Monitor Cables - Different Types of Computer Monitor Cables

dvi hdmi vga signal

With all of the great advances in technology, we are seeing new types of devices and hardware pop up all over the place. The same can be said for computer monitor cables. You may have heard of high definition video cables, and you may have a monitor that can use these types of cables. Instead of disregarding your computer monitor’s capabilities because you don’t know much about computers, educate yourself on the various types of computer monitor cables so that you can get what you need and get the most out of it.

One of the most common computer monitor cables available today is the VGA cable. These computer monitor cables have blue connectors, and they can be easily distinguished because of this. They come with almost all monitors because almost all computers have VGA ports on them. The signal that is sent from these cables is “analog” and they only transmit video data. The VGA computer monitor cable is ideal for the average computer user. It offers crisp video, but it’s not comparable to other computer monitor cables on the market.

Another common computer monitor cable used among computer users is the DVI cable. These are usually white or black in color and a little bit bigger than a VGA cable. The DVI cable can support both an analog signal and a digital signal, as there are 24 pins reserved for the digital signal and 4 reserved for analog. Maximum computer resolutions are about the same between DVI and VGA as the highest resolution possible is approximately 2560×1600.

HDMI is another common computer monitor cable as it is preferred among those who work closely with graphics, film, gaming or other media. This is another cable that transmits a digital signal, and it wasn’t until recently that many computer manufacturers began actually including HDMI ports on modern computers. The HDMI computer monitor cable is very similar to the DVI cable except the HDMI cable transmits digital audio as well. The DVI cable is also much larger than the HDMI cable.

USB is the last type of computer monitor cables as it is definitely a possible solution to connecting a monitor to a computer. Many people might find this surprising, but the only downfall is that the only way this type of connection can work is if the monitor being connected is a secondary one. Therefore, there must be a primary monitor already connected in one of the traditional ways listed above before being able to connect a secondary monitor with a USB cable. The resolutions allowed through USB connection aren’t too impressive, but they’re a nice and easy way to connect a secondary monitor.

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