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Computer Power Cables - How to Keep Computer Power Cables Tidy

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If you are anything like the typical computer user, you inevitably run into jumbled cables all around your computer desk and work area. Perhaps the most jumbled mess comes from the tangled web of computer power cables leading to your main power supply. Having tangled knots of cables around your work area not only makes you will look a slob, but it also cuts down on your productivity. For instance, time that could be spent doing productive tasks like writing reports or creating new business plans is instead spent untangling computer power cables any time you need to make room for a new device, such as a printer.

Having tangled cords also adds to the risk of accidentally breaking your equipment by tugging your machine off the table. Tangled cords also have a greater risk of becoming frayed and wearing out, even causing a potential fire hazard. They also add to a risk of injury, as someone could easily trip and fall after having their foot caught in the mess. For these reasons and more, it becomes evident that keeping your computer power cables tidy has enormous benefits. Here are a few tips to help you do so.

First, make sure that when setting up your computer station, do so carefully and focus on one device at a time. Hastily plugging in multiple devices as quickly as possible may get your computer station up and running faster in the short term, but any gain is lost when you add extra time when it comes to cleaning up the mess. Instead of rushing, make sure each cable goes directly from the device to the power plug in without crossing over or wrapping around other cords.

Next, use zip ties, bread ties or similar organizational tools to wrap around the excess length of your cords. This not only ensures that your computer cord is the perfect length, but it also prevents it from tangling with other devices. In addition,this makes your computer station look much tidier. In short, taking that little extra time to wrap cables is an invaluable tool in keeping your station neat.

Finally, do upkeep on your cables from time to time. Whenever you notice your area looks messy, take the time to re-wrap or organize cords and cables. Unplug and remove any devices not in use, then put them into storage for safety. This not only cleans your area; it also frees up plugs for other potentially more important devices. Most importantly, it helps prevent that dreaded moment when you need a plug desperately and have to carefully decide what cable can be unplugged safely.

Follow these tips to ensure that your work station is as functional as possible. Organized computer power cables adds aesthetics, organization, safety, and productivity to your work station. As an added benefit, you will never have to waste time unknotting mixed up cables again.

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