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How To Speed Up Computer - How To Speed Up Your Computer In Three Simple Steps

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It is a fact that people are using their computers more than ever these days. Due to this increase in use, the public’s patience for slow computers has overwhelmingly taken a turn for the worse. To resolve such problematic situations, people have to learn how to speed their computers up. Now, there are tons of methods and avenues to carry out such activities. However, not all of them are so easy to understand or perform. Therefore, this post will act as an insightful resource for any of those seeking information pertaining to their slow computer problem.

If you are a windows user, then you have access to a disc cleanup tool. This tool is a wizard at freeing up space on your hard drive which in turn can increase the overall performance of your computing device. To understand how this particular instrument helps, you have to first comprehend how it works. The disc cleanup tool locates optional files that can be deleted. Such optional files include temporary internet files, programs or pieces of software installed on your computer that you seldom use anymore, and the emptying of the recycle bin. I know that that last one may seem a little like common knowledge to most of you, but you wouldn’t believe how many people are clueless about that particular bit of information. Some people forget or don’t even bother to empty their recycle bin once they have deleted programs or files. Removing old documents that are no longer needed may be another great idea for some of you. Other files like videos or pictures take up space and can improve computer performance if you are willing to remove them. The disc cleanup tool can be located by scrolling over the accessories tab and clicking on system tools. Under that menu you will find it labeled accordingly.

Employing the use of a disc defragmenter is another excellent method for increasing a computer’s acceleration. Don’t, just go out and search “how to speed up computer with disc defragmenter,” because the basics are simple. The disc defragmenter tool in windows consolidates files into specific categories on the hard drive. In other words, this tool organizes programs so that all of their files are located in a single place. Before using this tool, a programs file may be fragmented. Therefore, the computer has to search the hard drive to retrieve some of the missing pieces if you will before running the program. This downtime can sometimes become significant and can therefore slow down the computers performance. The disc defragmenter is located under the same “System Tools” tab as the cleanup tool.

You don’t have to be a computer whiz to understand this next concept of how to speed up a computer. Viruses and malware can cause some serious issues if the infect a computer. One of those serious issues involves limiting a computer performance and therefore causing its speed to deteriorate. In order to prevent this and the many other damaging effects caused by viruses, be sure to use some sort of anti-virus software. There are a lot of big name anti-viral programs out there to choose from, some of which you have probably already heard of before. Due to the overwhelming amount of products to choose from, it is a good idea to perform a little research beforehand. Surf the net for customer reviews and try checking the forums for key information on how the product has worked for customers. Once you have signed up for a piece of anti-viral software, it is also important to maintain it. In other words, be sure to run frequent scans and updates in order to stay with the cutting edge of technology. Remember that spammers and that people who are behind viruses are getting smarter every day and that it is important to stay as updated as possible.

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