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Computer Microphone Headset - How to Pick Out the Right Computer Headset Microphone

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If you want to be able to completely change your computing experience, then you need to know how to pick out the right computer headset microphone. These accessories allow users to listen to conversation while actively participating, bridging the gap that people feel between each other and allowing individuals across oceans connect with each other on a deeper level. Whether you want to use your computer headset microphone for business, chatting with friends and family overseas, or participating in computer gaming, there are many types of materials that are sure to fit in with any lifestyle and budget.

If you need a computer headset microphone for talking with friends or family abroad, or to be used in business negotiations, you really don’t need anything extremely fancy. That is to say, you need a computer headset microphone that is just that: a pair of headphones with a microphone attachment so that your loved ones and colleagues alike can hear and understand your words perfectly. The Cyber AcousticsStereo Headset/Microphone, Ambidextrous design AC-201 is a simple piece of equipment that is low priced and can suit anyone’s needs when it comes to communicating through their computer. The microphone can rotate a full 180 degrees, meaning that it can be customized to sit on either your right or left side. The ear pads are leatherette, allowing the headset to be worn for extended periods of time without making the user comfortable, and the microphone is built with Direct Noise Canceling Technology as to eliminate any background noise from the conversation you’re trying to conduct. However, the cables can be quite messy, so if you want to move around while you’re talking over the Internet, then the VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Wireless Headset is the right choice for you. This stylish piece of equipment forgoes the tangle of wires in favor of a state of the art Bluetooth wireless system with an effective range of 66 feet. The headset can be used for both computers and most mobile telephones, and the microphone has a professional-quality noise canceling software which allows your conversations to be crisp and clear whether you’re on the road or in the middle of a noisy office. The ear cushion is a concave design, allowing the headset to be worn for long periods of time while making certain that you can hear nothing but your conversation partner’s speech. Finally, with a battery life that boasts 150 hours of standby time and 16 hours of talk time, this product’s functionality and versatility speak for itself.

However, PC gamers know that buying any normal computer headset microphone simply won’t suffice. Long online gaming sessions require materials that combine style, comfort, and stability to provide the best in voice technology. Enter the Creative Labs Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset. A comfortable over the head setup allows this piece of equipment to be worn during longer sessions, with the user’s ears resting comfortably in the leather pads. The 2.4 Ghz wireless technology means you’re working with uncompromising sound and voice recognition quality, while the included drivers ensure that you’re hearing nothing but the finest audio streaming from your computer. The entire headset folds flat so that it can easily be stored in the included pouch so that traveling gamers don’t have to worry about damaging their equipment in transit from one location to another. Furthermore, this computer microphone headset requires no batteries—you can simply plug it in to your computer’s USB slot to charge while you’re away or even during use. The interchangeable face plates allow World of Warcraft users to show their pride for either of the game’s factions while using this piece of high-quality equipment that is fully compatible with all modern Windows and Mac operating systems.

When you’re looking for the right computer headset microphone, you need to take an objective look at how you plan to use it. If you talk to your friends online once in a while, something simple and with the most basic features should suffice. If you plan on using your headset for business meetings or while on the road, then you may want to opt for a wireless headset that gives you a little more freedom without compromising quality. If you’re an computer gamer who needs the best out of his or her headset, then you should definitely purchase a specialized computer headset microphone that will come with all the features you could ever imagine wanting out of a piece of computer equipment.

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