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Wheeled Computer Bags - Finding the Right Wheeled Computer Bag

laptop computers it’s accessories

The invention of laptop computers changed the way people and businesses use computers. Laptops made it possible to bring computers home from work, work in a remote location and bring them along when traveling. Needless to say laptop computers have become invaluable to companies. Productivity is at an all time high since employees are now able to work at any time and from any location. This new way of working and computing has also given rise to another industry. Laptop computers require certain accessories to make working remotely easier. Items such as portable mice and keyboards have become available in most stores. Along with that, laptop computer bags have become incredibly popular. One type of computer bag is the wheeled computer bag. This is just what it sounds like; a computer bag with wheels on it. This makes it easy to travel with a laptop, accessories and necessary paper. It all fits in the wheeled computer bag and the employee can roll the bag wherever they need to. There are many different styles of wheeled computer bags on the market today. There are several variations in style, size and price so that employees can find just the bag they need.

One wheeled computer bag that got very positive reviews is the Brenthaven Duo II Wheeled Case. One of the nicest features of this bag is that it has a second compartment that is big enough to hold files, a projector or even a second laptop. There’s also a front, quick access pocket, an organizer pocket and a water bottle pocket. Although it’s on the more expensive side, this bag is known for good laptop protection and has inline wheels. This bag retails for about $200.00. Reviews for this wheeled computer bag are mostly good and users claim it’s a very good buy, although one negative review mentioned that this bag is very heavy.

Some wheeled computer bags are manufactured especially for women. One such bag is the McKlien W Series Willowbrook Leather Detachable – Wheeled Ladies’ Case. This case, which retails for around $150, is made of leather and can hold a 17” computer. One of the most popular features of this bag is that the computer case is detachable from the wheel system. It can then be carried just like a travel bag. This bag also has an interior case that fits a cell phone or other small accessories. It also has a waterproof cover to add extra protection for a computer. This bag can be found in local computer stores such as Staples, Office Max or Best Buy. Some negative reviewers have found this bag to be stiff and hard to handle, but most reviewers were positive and said this bag is durable and the colors make it very stylish.

Another option for a wheeled computer bag is a rolling backpack like the Heys USA ePAC01 Rolling Laptop Backpack. As the name suggests, this backpack has an internal telescopic handle and inline wheels so that it can convert from a backpack to a wheeled bag quickly. It also has a 3 digit security combination lock to keep contents safe. It’s lighter than a lot of other wheeled bags since it’s made of nylon, but it’s also a bit smaller. This bag retails for around $95.00 and can be found in most stores that sell laptops and accessories such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart. It receives mostly positive reviews, especially for the side – loading compartment, although some consumers felt it didn’t provide enough protection for the computer.

Traveling with a laptop computer has become commonplace in today’s workplace. Laptop computers have made it easy to work remotely. Many employees have found that a wheeled computer bag is extremely helpful in traveling with their laptop computers. These bags let the employee roll the computer and accessories as opposed to carrying them on their back or shoulders. They have increased in popularity significantly in the past few years, and many companies have noticed this. Wheeled computer bags have become a common item to find online and in stores. The result is a wide variety of style, function and price. With a little research, consumers can find the perfect wheeled computer bag to suit their needs.

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