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Entry Level Computer Jobs - How to Choose an Entry Level Computer Job

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In the modern economy, few industries have seen the same level of growth and expansion as the computer industry. With every passing day, more and more businesses become more dependent on the digital world, and the demand for skilled information technology professionals continues to grow. Individuals interested in applying for entry level computer jobs have three basic options to choose from: computer repair, website design, and software development.

Computer Repair:
The vast majority of entry level computer jobs are in the repair sector. Between the many national repair companies like Geek Squad and the innumerable small businesses in the field, possible repair jobs are abundant. Some individuals even choose to operate as independent contractors, or freelancers, advertising their services on online forums like Craigslist.

While computer repair jobs usually do not require a specific college degree, it is often very beneficial to have at least one CompTIA certification. At the very minimum, an A+ certification provides both the training and the legitimacy to handle a majority of computer repair jobs. Many larger companies require a minimum of an A+ certification for all repair technicians, and while this might not be the case for smaller companies, the training involved imparts a great deal of knowledge and experience. Individuals with more CompTIA certifications, like Network+ or Security+, are at an even greater advantage. Put simply, the more certifications an individual possesses, the better chance they have of obtaining a high-paying computer repair position.

Website Design:
Like computer repair jobs, website design positions usually do not require a college degree. Most web design companies are small to medium sized businesses, operating on a local scale, although a few larger companies accept contracts from clients worldwide. As a general rule of thumb, a website designer’s greatest asset is their portfolio. The more well-designed websites a designer has under their belt, the more likely they are to get both freelance contracts and positions of steady employment with web design companies.

With this in mind, a website designer often begins their career by doing a few “pro bono” websites. By offering a simple free website to clients, designers have the chance to both build up their portfolios and develop important business connections. With five to ten excellent websites in their portfolio, a web designer can then either apply with a larger website design company or start charging more for freelance work.

Software Design:
Unlike computer repair and website design, traditional software design jobs often require at least a B.A. in Computer Science or Computer Programming. Large software houses like Microsoft and Adobe have stricter requirements than smaller companies, but offer higher earning potentials for an entry level position.

However, while a college degree is essential for this type of job, a software portfolio is equally important. While commercially developed software cannot be included in a portfolio, most programmers practice their craft on their own time simply out of enjoyment. Always be prepared to demonstrate well-commented code samples to potential employers. This action demonstrate proficiency with whatever programming languages the job requires, as well as familiarity with general programming principles like commenting, variable naming conventions, etc. A college degree combined with an impressive code portfolio can lead to a very lucrative career in software design.

Whether pursuing entry level computer jobs in repair, website design, or software design, the fact remains that the computer industry continues to grow larger every day. The benefits of pursuing a career in this industry are almost limitless.

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