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Computer Laser Printers - How to choose computer laser printers

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Computer laser printers offer considerable advantages over inkjet printers, such as faster printing rates, less frequent maintenance, and far greater print capacities. As a result, more people than ever are deciding to forgo inefficient inkjet printers and invest in modern laser printers. However, before you go out and start shopping for your perfect laser printer, it is worth taking the time to obtain a basic understanding of what options are available in laser printers, which features you should look for, and which features you can live without. Essentially, there are two basic ways of printing: via inkjet, and via laser technology. An inkjet printer works by spraying, or jetting tiny droplets of ink onto a sheet of paper. A laser printer, in contrast, works by spraying a powdered toner onto a sheet of paper. The ink then sticks to the paper after the paper passes a drum with an electric charge. If you only plan to print the occasional photograph or image, you may be able to get by with an inkjet printer. However, if you intend to print a significant number of documents, it will be far more effective to invest in a laser printer.

It is very important to choose the right kind of printer because if you use an inkjet printer when your needs are to print a large number of documents on a consistent basis, the cost of ink jet cartridges will quickly surpass the cost of the printer itself. The toner cartridge of the average laser printer can produce over a thousand pages of printed documents before it needs to be replaced, which means that computer laser printers quickly pay for themselves if you print with any regularity. The rest of this article will discuss different features to consider in computer laser printers before you make your next printer purchase.

One of the first decisions you should make is whether you want a monochrome laser printer or a color laser printer. These days, you can find computer laser printers that print in black and white for less than $100, and in some cases, for less than $75. Such monochrome computer laser printers are far more cost effective in the long and short run than inkjet printers, because they cost about as much as inkjet printers do out of the box yet immediately begin saving you money by the extremely low frequency with which you need to replace their ink toners in comparison to inkjet printers. However, a color computer laser printer will have a significantly higher price, and people with color printing needs may be tempted to pursue the inkjet route instead. This is when it pays to remember that while a color laser printer may have a higher initial price than an inkjet printer, once you purchase it, you will not need to purchase toner nearly as quickly as you will if you purchase an inkjet printer. However, keep in mind that the print quality of a cheap color laser printer will probably be less than that of an inkjet printer when it comes to printing pictures, so if your primary goal is to print photographs, you may want to give further consideration to inkjet printers.

Another decision you should make involves the print quality itself. Modern computer laser printers can easily produce text output that is razor sharp, crisp, and well defined, particularly when grayscale graphics are involved. However, resolution specifications will still vary from printer to printer, and are worth considering. Typically, printer resolution is measured in dots per inch specifications. The higher the resolution a printer can print at, the more crisp and defined the print job will be. Typically, you can expect a resolution of approximately 1200 dots per inch from the average monochrome laser printer, with toner saving modes that allow you to reduce the resolution to 600 or 300 dots per inch. These resolutions are usually good enough to print documents and graphics. However, color computer laser printers often come with greater resolution, and as stated before, the more resolution available, the higher quality your print jobs can be. However, higher resolution is typically beneficial for images, as text has lower print resolution demands with computer laser printers.

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over 1 year ago

I have chosen laser printer for my work and I think it was right decision because it is more efficient and reliable. I can print a lot of papers and don't worry that it runs out of ink) But at the same time laser printers are more expensive (I have researched here electrical-components.com)but I am sure they are worth that money.