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Furniture Computer Armoire - How to Choose Furniture Computer Armoire To Fit Any Décor

office space drawer assembly

When decorating a home office or computer work space, the popular laptop or PC desk furniture—the computer armoire—is extremely versatile, space-saving, and eye-catching.

Common Design
Often, a pull-out tray hides the keyboard when not in use, and smooth rollers extract or retract the faux drawer with minimal hassle. Shelves, cubbyholes, and cabinets provide tremendous storage space for the PC hard drive tower, a printer, files, books, disks, and supplies.

Glass fronts or wooden panels most often front the cabinet space in furniture computer armoires. Side-open hinges coordinate with the framing, giving an air of elegant convenience, which opens to present sturdy shelves or convenient cubbyholes for greater organization.

Often, lower compartment doors fold across or close over drawers or tower and printer space. Because most people are right-handed, a small drawer sits just below the writing surface in some furniture; computer armoires are no different. Handy for pens, pencils, rulers, paper, and other assorted office supplies, the pull-out drawer rests at the same level as the pull-out keyboard drawer.

Beneath that is often a file drawer, capable of hanging either standard files or legal-sized papers, depending on preferred orientation and design.

Like some office furniture, computer armoire pieces may offer minimal security with lockable drawers and cabinets. Not all do, however, so if that is a “deal breaker” item, examine the computer armoire well before purchasing.

”Some Assembly Required”
Because of the growing popularity of the “DIY” option, the furniture computer armoire may require assembly before use. Since many of the do-it-yourself models are of pressed particle board, take extreme care in alignment, inserting screws, and hammering nails. Assembly errors in computer armoire furniture are not easily overcome.

CAUTION: Before initiating the assembly of the computer furniture, ensure all parts to the armoire are present and in good shape. Reinforcing wood-to-wood joinings with a moderate amount of wood glue can stablize the pieces, and utilitizing elbow braces on the underside of the writing surface and shelving and inside cabinets of the computer furniture can solidify what otherwise may be weak-standing, despite following all assembly instructions closely. Costing very little, those ounces of prevention avoid having the furniture computer armoire collapse when loading equipment, books, and other supplies later.

Coordinate to Surroundings
Office furniture, computer armoires in particular, for the home are increasingly fashionable and can fully coordinate with the room and other furniture available.

Brightly painted pieces in the full color spectrum are readily available or mix-to-suit paints can touch up older, gently used armoires for the computer and home office space. Rich wood paneling come in walnut, cherry, oak, pine, and beech, to name only a few.

Contemporary lines or elegant antique profiles further complete decorating options when choosing furniture computer armoire pieces. Shelving options, drawer placement, and office chairs are all among the flexibility inherent in most computer armoire and furniture presentations.

When choosing office furniture, computer armoires are versatile, relatively low-cost, and efficient additions to any décor whether in the living room, bedroom, or home office.

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