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Computer Armoire Furniture - How to choose computer armoire furniture

consider space available printer

Computers have become as common in American homes as TVs and refrigerators. Finding a place to put them, however, is challenging for those who don’t have a designated home-office. After all, there isn’t only a computer, but a printer, router, scanner, and any number of other peripherals that tend to clutter your living space. The perfect solution is to use a computer armoire, which can keep everything handy but allow you to close it all away when it isn’t in use.

Before you buy a computer armoire, there are a lot of things to consider. After all, you want it to work for everyone and fit into your space, style and budget.

First, take stock of everything that needs to be placed in the armoire and measure the sizes of the various components. Will it house just the computer and printer, or do you also need space for other peripherals, manuals, CDs and files? Knowing all of this will help you determine how many and what kinds of nooks and crannies the armoire should have.

Also consider how the various components work. If you have a traditional computer, a keyboard drawer will keep the desktop clear for other uses, but if you have a laptop, consider an armoire with a lower desktop for a more comfortable typing height. Make sure that each item has the proper clearance to lift lids and open drawers without interference. Pay attention to how you feed paper into your printer, where the buttons are, and how the paper exits the printer. Do the same thing for any other components, such as a scanner or fax machine. You’ll want to keep this in mind as you consider the many styles of armoires that are available.

Next, consider who will be using the computer armoire to determine where it should be placed. The bedroom might be the perfect space for an individual user, since it allows for privacy away from others. However, if it will be used by several family members it might be better to keep it in the family room where parents can easily monitor what the children are doing while on the computer. Knowing where the armoire will be placed will also help determine the size and style of the furniture.

Once a room is chosen, consider the other furniture in the room and the space available. Pay attention to where it will be placed. Armoires can include pull-outs for additional work space, doors that contain useful pockets and tack boards, or carts that tuck in when not in use. While these may seem cool in the store, they could become a nuisance in your home if they interfere with the space. Doors that fold back against the sides may be fine if the armoire will stand alone, but if it will sit next to the TV or other furniture, consider doors that will tuck into the unit instead. Corner units may also be preferable, especially in rooms with limited wall space.

Finally, consider style, quality and price. This may seem like an odd one to save for last, but with such a wide variety of models available, chances are you’ll be able to find an armoire with the amenities you need that fits your décor and pocketbook. Low-cost options are available at office supply stores and department stores. Higher-end models can be found in any furniture shop and many cabinet makers will be happy to design a custom armoire.

If you are leery of low-cost options because they are made with laminated particleboard, there’s no need to be. The quality has greatly improved over the years and manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles to match any décor. These often require assembly at home, however, so take into consideration your ability and willingness to put it all together.

Regardless of the unit you ultimately purchase, taking the time to think through all of these considerations will ensure that you are happy with your computer armoire furniture for a long time.

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