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Computers For Cheap - What To Look For When Buying Computers For Cheap

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When you’re looking to buy computers for cheap, you need to pay attention to the components of the computer to avoid a rip-off. Most people tend to rush into their computer purchases, however, and don’t spend enough time considering what they’re about to pay for.

The first thing that needs to be considered is whether you’re going to buy a laptop or a desktop. Both types of computers are available for cheap, but depending on how you’re going to use the device, one may be better than another for your purposes. You’ll need to spend more to get a fast laptop than you’ll need to spend for a fast desktop, so if you’re worried about speed when buying a cheap computer, you’re probably going to opt for the desktop.

Processor speed is important, and can be a bit confusing for first time buyers. There are two main processor companies for PCs, Athlon and AMD. They rate their processors in different ways, and produce different models. Many modern computers will have dual or quad core processors—the number of cores isn’t necessarily indicative of the power of the processor, however, and you’ll need to research the model that you’re considering before you buy. If you’re trying to find a cheap computer for a certain purpose, for instance, video editing or photo manipulation, check software requirements against the processor of the computer that you’re considering to get an idea of whether it can handle what you need. However, if you just need a computer for basic tasks like web surfing and email, you can opt for cheap computers like netbooks and low-speed laptops. You probably won’t notice much of a speed difference unless you ever need to use the computer for something more intensive.

Think about your hard drive before you make a purchase. Many cheap computers come with substandard or small hard drives, and you can easily switch out the hard drive with a minimal amount of work. You’ll have to make sure that the computer has a recent interface type for its hard drive; SATA and EIDE are the most common new interfaces for hard drives. If the computer already has a fairly decent drive, you won’t have to worry about replacing it, but be sure to check both the size and the seek time of the HDD to make sure that you’re getting a solid model.

Sound and video cards can be important, although again, they can be updated. If you’re trying to use a computer for video games or video editing, you’ll need fairly complex sound and video cards, but the good news is that you can find both for fairly cheap online. Upgrading is usually your best bet, but if you want a cheap computer that handles its workload straight out of the box, read carefully and make sure that you’re not buying a unit with cheap built in video and sound cards. If you decide to upgrade, know that it’s fairly easy to install a new sound card or video card, and usually you’ll only need to unscrew a few screws. However, you should check to make sure that the computer’s power supply can handle the new components. Laptop video cards and sound cards can’t really be switched out, so be sure to buy carefully if you need a high performance laptop.

Never rush into a purchase, even if you’re dead set on finding computers for cheap. Take time to read about the various components of the computer and compare them to popular models. Look carefully at product specs, and always use the Internet to compare prices between several stores. You’ll find a great cheap computer if you’re willing to put some research into your purchase, and you’ll learn quite a bit about computer components in the process, too.

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