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Computer Docking Station - What a Computer Docking Station is For

connecting several peripheral devices docking station setups

A computer docking station can be as simple as a stand that holds your computer on your desktop, or it can be as complicated as a series of different ports to allow you to connect several different devices to your computer easily. A computer docking station is usually used to help convert laptop computers for use as desktop computers so that they can be ergonomically correct for people who do not want to use two computers.

Using a Laptop as a Desktop

A laptop computer docking station includes a stand for the laptop to sit in so that the screen displays at the same angle as a traditional desktop monitor would display from. Since having your laptop screen across the desk and angled above the desk would mean that your laptop keyboard is located far away and at an uncomfortable angle, the computer docking station provides a port for a traditional keyboard to plug into your laptop. There is also a port for your mouse and printer. The ports are all located on the computer docking station so that they automatically connect to your laptop as soon as you plug the laptop into the dock. Everything stays plugged into the docking station all of the time except the laptop itself.

Connecting Several Peripheral Devices

The main purpose of a computer docking station is to provide a place for all of your peripheral devices to plug in that is separate from your computer. Some people like to use a convenient computer docking station with their desktop computers as well as laptop computers. Desktop computers are not always located in places that make it convenient to plug and unplug peripheral devices in and out, especially if those devices need to be changed on a regular basis. A computer docking station would allow the computer user to plug a single cable in from the docking station to the computer tower, then plug everything else into the docking station. The docking station can be kept on the corner of a desk or in another accessible area so that the computer user can make changes to the peripheral configuration much more easily. Portable peripherals, like digital cameras, are much easier to use with a computer docking station than with a computer tower that is located under the desk.

Using a Router as a Docking Station

There are some wireless routers on the market that allow you to use them as computer docking stations as well as wireless routers. They provide places for several different types of peripherals to connect to the router and be recognized by the computer. Using a router as a computer docking station allows you to reduce the number of items that are connected to the computer, which can help reduce the amount of clutter that is on or under your desk. Routers that can be used as computer docking stations are also cost effective since they eliminate the need to purchase a separate docking station for your computer.

The Difference Between Docking Stations and Hubs

There is a slight difference between a computer docking station and a computer hub. The main difference is that a hub only allows one specific type of cable to be plugged in. A computer docking station can accommodate several different types of connections. When you use a computer docking station, you are essentially taking all of the connection types that are on the back of a normal computer and placing them in a more easily accessible form at another part of your desk. Normal computer hubs are meant to provide you with extra ports for a specific type of cable.

Docking Station Setups

There are many different docking station designs to choose from. The type of computer you use with your docking station and the arrangement of your desk will have a large impact on the design of the computer docking station that you need. If you want to use a docking station to convert a laptop to a desktop, you will need one that has a stand for your laptop to sit in safely. If you are using a computer docking station to give you better access to your peripheral ports, you can use a computer docking station that is smaller and more streamlined.

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