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Free Mp3 Player Music - How to Find Free Mp3s Online

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Looking for the newest release from Lady Gaga but can’t seem to find it anywhere, even on Itunes?

Or do your taste run towards the more exotic that most Americans can’t find anywhere in the local Best Buy or Walmart, like Japanese pop or Bollywood-style rock? The internet is one’s own dj/large music store/music research library when it comes to searching for free mp3 player music online. Some you have to pay, some are free; all serve the same purpose though. To find the music that you want. The most recognizable is Itunes of course with its ever-expanding library of top ten hits in almost every type of genre ranging from pop, rap, R&B and country, along with audiobooks, comedy, world music, jazz and various others. Of course, since most tunes are from the record companies themselves (or sometimes, even the artists), there’s a fee to pay everytime you download. The service on ITunes is very quick though. If your musical taste are something less mainstream. there’s Limewire. Limewire has easy enough free mp3 player music software to install. It’s also very easy to navigate: just type in the title of whatever song or artist that you want and anything with that title or by that artist will appear. They have everything from Justin Bieber to that obscure 1930’s French jazz song. EMusic is another music mp3 service that works similar to ITunes…only think of Emusic as Itunes more mature big brother who has all the latest indie/alternative CDS instead of the top 40. You won’t find anything like Lady Gaga or arena bands such as Muse or U2 for fourteen days all for free, to see if they would want to subscrible to the service. They still keep whatever they download, even the site itself isn’t for them. MP3.com offers downloads from more established indie artists such as Of Montreal or Arcade Fire but also offers everything on their site from streams to classic videos and interviews on their featured artists. Rhapsody.com is similar to MP3.com; think of Rhapsody as the little sister with their focus on more established artists like Rhianna or John Mayer. Like EMusic, they allow a fan to try out the service for two weeks, before having to pay a set price of 9.99 per month to download all the free MP3 player music one could want.
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