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Free Frontpage Templates - Where to Get the Best Free FrontPage Templates

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FrontPage is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website administration software that Microsoft included in their Office suite from 1997 to 2003. They stopped developing it in 2003, and they replaced it with Sharepoint Designer and Microsoft Expression Web in 2006. Despite that, FrontPage has remained extremely popular because few applications match the convenience at which it allows you to edit basic webpages and entire websites. This lasting popularity has maintained a thriving template community, and you may be surprised to discover that there are plenty of modern, free FrontPage templates available. Here is a look at our favorite websites that offer free FrontPage templates.

1. Thomas Brunt’s Outfront

Outfront is a website for webmasters that has been around since 1997 when FrontPage premiered. In the years since, it has developed into a community for webmasters with great forums and many helpful tutorials. Despite that expansion, Outfront has never abandoned its FrontPage focus. In fact, it boasts nearly 1,000 free FrontPage templates, which you can download conveniently in groups of 50.

2. Omnistar Etools

Omnistar Etools is a development studio that creates software for web developers. One way they drum up business is by developing sophisticated, modern web interfaces and giving them away free. The great news for FrontPage fans is that each template they design includes everything necessary for it to integrate with all versions of FrontPage seamlessly. Currently, their selection numbers in the tens but these are commercial-quality templates.

3. BuyTemplates.Org

A name like “Buy Templates” doesn’t sound like a very good place to get free templates, but names can be misleading. In fact, BuyTemplates has hundreds of free templates all designed to get you in the door, and they design all of them with FrontPage in mind. However, the aspect we love most about this website is the “Customize Your Template” tool. So many templates are “almost perfect”. With this tool, you can make the changes needed so it is perfect, and then download that personalized version.

4. http://www.rtbwizards.com/free.asp ">Round the Bend Wizards

Like many FrontPage-geared websites, Round the Bend Wizards (RTBW) made the transition from FrontPage to SharePoint and Expression Web when Microsoft released that software. However, what distinguishes RTBW from most of those other sites is that they didn’t abandon FrontPage in the process. In fact, every template they design for Expression Web includes a version that is 100% compatible with FrontPage. What that means for the FrontPage fan is that RTBW is amazing library of modern FrontPage that are particularly well suited as blog templates.

5. ThemeSets

ThemeSets.net and its mirror FrontPageTemplates.com is a newer website with a focus on Expression Web, but the cool thing is that like RTBW, they include a FrontPage version with each template. This is mostly a pay website, but they have more than a handful of free FrontPage templates that are definitely worth your time and effort. They also have a catalog of older, but still attractive, FrontPage DWTs (dynamic web templates) that are completely free to download and use.

6. Adams Site

Adam’s Site is a website for both Dreamweaver and FrontPage enthusiasts. Most of their templates are pay-for, but they have a good selection of free FrontPage templates. This is one of the only sites online where you can find free FrontPage templates with completely free Flash intros built-in. These are a great learning tool if nothing else, but they also make great entry points for blogs and personal websites.

7. Taming the Beast

Taming the Beast only has a small number of templates, and they aren’t even particularly flashy. So you might be wondering why would include it in the list. Well, because Taming the Beast is a template that incorporates a comprehensive template tutorial. Anything you ever wanted to do with a template is in here in an easily understood fashion, and that makes it the perfect go-to reference to have in your toolbox.

8. FrontPage-Templates.Org

FrontPage Templates is a directory of free FrontPage resources, and they index everything from templates and free graphics to tutorials and other websites. Their free FrontPage templates library is small, but each item in it is a free, high-quality template. Once you’ve exhausted the links here, you can use their directory to find dozens of more websites with great templates.

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