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Free Mp3 Player Downloads - An Overview of the Top Free MP3 Player Downloads

1. winamp 3. mediamonkey 4. quintessential media player 5. musikcube

Are you tired of Windows Media Player and looking for a more powerful, more sophisticated alternative? Then, you may have been surprised to find just how many free MP3 player downloads are available. There’s a great deal of choice, and it’s going to take trying a few of them on for the size in order to find the right one. Therefore, we can’t tell you which one is best, but we help you start the process by looking at what distinguishes the most popular choices.

1. WinAmp

WinAmp is one of the oldest and most popular free MP3 player downloads. For a long time, it had no competition, but then it began to show its age. More recently, modernization of the software suite has allowed it to reclaim its crown. WinAmp is not completely free, but the freeware package includes everything most music enthusiasts want. Visually, it is still the most customizable MP3 player available, and while the competition has caught up in that regard, none has as clean and as supported an implementation. In addition, the built-in equalizer is still as slick as it was when WinAmp first premiered.

2. VLC Media Player

The title VideoLan Client 1.0 suggests a relatively new program that is just for watching video, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. VLC is a full-featured media client that has been in development and publically consumed for years. Among other things, it distinguishes itself by locally containing all the necessary codecs. What does this mean to the user? It means you can play just about any video or music file without concerning yourself with what it takes to make that possible. The downside to VLC is the drab aesthetics. It does support skins, but even these are lackluster by modern standards.

3. MediaMonkey

A lot like WinAmp, MediaMonkey offers two versions, one freeware and one paid. The freeware version has most of what you’d want, and it has all of what you need. MediaMonkey distinguishes itself from WinAmp and VLC through its tagging capabilities. In fact, it organizes so well that it is a far more practical choice than the first two entries for those who have massive MP3 libraries. The downside is that this is a comprehensive program, and it may just be too much for those that want a simple MP3 player. However, it is tough to top MediaMonkey if you’re hunting for a full-featured MP3 client that allows you to manage your files.

4. Quintessential Media Player

Quintessential Media Player is a like a cross between WinAmp and VLC. It uses self-contained codecs the way VLC does, and outside of ShoutCast, it offers most of the functionality that WinAmp does. It does neither as well as either of those clients, but it does them well enough. Quintessential Media Player sets itself apart due to its plugin architecture, around which an entire plugin-making community has formed. What this means for the music lover, is that if you are comfortable researching, testing, installing, and uninstalling, plugins, there is no more versatile client available. Are you missing a feature? Someone has undoubtedly made it into a plugin, so it’s just a matter of downloading and installing it.

5. MusikCube

MusikCube is an example of the next generation of MP3 player, and it is one of two completely free MP3 downloads on this list, VLC being the other. The software uses a GPL license, which makes it and all accessories completely accessible. But what makes MusikCube so modern? Well, this player focuses on being listener friendly. It does that by providing a diverse range of “tweakable” tools that allow you to choose the type or the mood or some other aspect of the music you want to listen to, and then it tailors a playlist accordingly. Each of the players above does many things better than MusikCube, but MusikCube implements the notion of “just press play” in an unparalleled way.

Start with WinAmp, which has been the de facto king of the hill for years. Then, try at least two of the other free MP3 player downloads on this list, or all five if you have the time. You’ll notice that music quality is essentially the same. The right choice will be a matter of finding the one with the most intuitive interface and the feature set that best suits your music habits.

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