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Free Online Music Downloads - Why Free Online Music Downloads Are So Popular

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Downloading free music started with Napster back in June of 1999 which soon struck up a controversy that ended up in a courtroom battle. The idea that anyone could download free music was an inspiration for many, and repugnant for others. Despite popular opinion, Napster ended up revolutionizing the music world for the better. Napster became one of the most popular free music downloading websites on the Internet. The ability to search and share files with other computer users through MP3’s, became one of the most popular trends. Thousands of people had music on their computers that were just sitting there collecting dust. It took two college dropouts to find the value in that. Since the inception of Napster, hundreds of other websites came to the forefront. The idea led to programs being created that would allow a person to listen to music on their computers by peer to peer file sharing. Now everyone in the world has at one point or another, listened to music downloads for free on their computers.

After Napster, many other music sharing programs became just as popular, such as Lime Wire, Blubster, Wuzam, eztracks, and Kazaa just to name a few. Free music downloads online gained more ground as the concept of peer-to-peer file sharing became popular. Due to the controversy and ensuing court battle with Napster, the company was originally shut down, but then popped back up as a digital music service company. Even though Napster is no longer what it used to be, there is no doubt that its original use was the catalyst for a change in how people listened to music. Since the days of Napster, MP3 players became the new rage for listening to music. MP3 players were sold on the market and made millions in the first few years. People could download their music from their computers into their MP3 player and take it on the road with them.

The legitimacy of music downloads for free has still been causing a lot of confusion for most people. The idea of free “anything” is mostly unheard of, so the idea of downloading free music still has its legal problems. The idea is more legitimate in Canada than it is in the United States. The reasonpeople love the idea of free online music downloads, is because it is free. It is much easier to find music through the Internet than it is driving to the store. It is more of a convenience factor for many people. Record stores, recording studios, record labels, and musicians have lost millions of dollars in revenue due to music sharing programs, but that is not stopping people from finding their favorite tunes online. Some online music stores do legitimately charge users to listen to music on their computers, through websites, such as I-tunes. Other websites will allow a person to listen to a sample of music to see if it is a song they would want to purchase. If it is, a person has the option to buy the music online, or go to a record store to buy the CD. People finding their favorite tunes online is not going away anytime soon. The government and law enforcers will need to find other ways to legitimize the use through taxing MP3 Players that are sold in the market. Canada has done this successfully for many years.

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