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Free Music To Listen To - 5 Ways to Listen to Free Music Online

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The days of unlimited free MP3 downloads may be in the past, but that doesn’t mean free music has disappeared from the Internet. There is still plenty of free music to listen to without having to pay subscriptions or download fees. These services are free, legal, and readily available to anyone with a broadband internet connection.

Online Streams of Local Radio Stations
The easiest and most obvious way to listen to music for free online is to find out if your favorite local station has streaming audio on their website. Most stations offer this to their fans, making it possible to listen to a local station anywhere, any time. As long as you can find an internet connection, you’ll never be without your favorite music and radio programs. Being able to take your favorite station with you no matter where you go takes the guessing out of finding something to listen to while on business trips or a long-distance vacation.

Radio Paradise
Radio Paradise is a listener-supported online radio station, playing a mixture of eclectic tunes both old and new. A typical RP playlist might include Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, U2, Death Cab for Cutie, Tom Petty, Paul Simon, Poe, or the Decemberists. The best thing about RP is that, being entirely supported by listeners, there are no commercials to interrupt the music. For a truly unique Internet radio experience, Radio Paradise is a good choice for free music to listen to throughout your day.

Free music that caters directly to a listener’s personal tastes is the model for Pandora’s streaming music service. Possibly the best way to find new music for free, Pandora operates much like a radio station. The big difference from regular radio is the ability to model the playlist around the type of music you like most. Users should take note, however, that due to Pandora’s royalty policy, those who wish to listen to more than 40 free hours of music per month must upgrade to a paid account. This choice is left up to the user; Pandora does not automatically charge for more listening time.

In addition to being a way for artists to promote their music, iLike is a great way for listeners to find new music. The iLike service offers song previews, full-length songs to listen to, and even free downloads from certain artists. Some independent artists make a selection of songs available for free as a way to promote their music. This allows listeners to discover music that might never make it to traditional radio airwaves, and gives artists a way to expand their audience.

When there’s a new single or an old favorite that you can’t get out of your head, YouTube may be able to come to your rescue. Many record companies and artists post official music videos as a way to promote new music, and independent artists do likewise. In addition, fan videos for music, TV, movies, and more often include background music, making it easy to find that one elusive song. YouTube is also a great way to share new music and artists with friends without having to lend out CDs or contend with the potential copyright issues involved in attempting to share ripped music.

The next time you’re looking for something new to listen to, don’t worry. There is a huge selection of free, streaming music on the Internet just waiting to be discovered through these and other great services.

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