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Adobe Photoshop Free Trial - How to Get a Free Trial of Adobe Photoshop

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If you’ve ever looked at prices for desktop publishing software, you know it isn’t cheap. Adobe Photoshop is no exception. Photoshop retails for about $600 and even if you buy it on eBay or qualify for student discounts, it can still cost you a couple hundred dollars. That can be an expensive investment for some people. What if you just need it for a short-term project or just want to try it out before you buy it? Is it worth plunking down that much money? Well, there’s no need to do that. Most software, including Adobe Photoshop, can be downloaded for a free trial.

There are many sites online that allow you to download a free trial of Adobe Photoshop. Most trial periods are 30 days, so it’s beneficial to those who just need to “borrow” it for a short time. Be careful of which site you use to download it from, however. It’s considered shareware, and with any type of download from a public site, you risk downloading spyware and viruses as well. Check user reviews and comments. If a user had a negative experience while attempting to download the software, they’ll usually post a bad review. Most common complaints include corrupt files/downloads and software freezing in the middle of a download. Or some downloads will appear to run smoothly until you’re asked for a serial number, which are usually only obtained by buying the software. The best way to get your free trial is straight from the manufacturer. It’s from a trusted name and there is minimal risk of the download affecting your computer. Go to the Adobe Web site (http://www.adobe.com/downloads/) and download it from there.

Although you will get a full version of Adobe Photoshop with all its features free for one month, there are some drawbacks. You’ll need a lot of free space on your computer – a download will use up 980 MB. Also, each time you run the software, screens will pop up asking you to purchase Photoshop. This can be annoying to some people. Additionally, you need to make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. If you don’t have enough memory on your computer, of if you have an older, incompatible operating system, you won’t be able to download a free trial. Another thing to consider if that if you need technical support regarding your free trial of Adobe Photoshop, you’re out of luck. Adobe only offers support to registered users who purchase the software.

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