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Free Adware Software - 4 Ways to Protect Your Computer Using Free Ad Ware Software

symptoms of adware what you can do protection rogue adware programs

Have you found your computer bombarded with free ad ware lately? This trend is common online. Programmers create various forms of malicious adware and spyware to try to steal your information. You have to play defense for your computer and oversee everything to keep your identity safe. Using free ad ware software can help you in this and clean up infections.

Symptoms of Adware

Have you ever seen the pop up advertisements when you visit certain websites? Noticing your computer is slower after seeing these is not a coincidence. Pop-up ads can contain spyware that hijacks your computer. Sometimes these add programs to your computer and start sending information to the creator of the software. Free ad ware often causes your computer to crash.

What You Can Do

Experiencing these symptoms is not fun. You can lose time and data that prevents you from doing work on your computer. Using free ad ware software can help remove these programs and problems. Install free software like Ad-Aware to help you filter these malicious entities. Ad-Aware will help prevent further adware coming onto your computer. Ad-Aware scans your drives, registries and storage for any items left. You receive regular updates of the program to ensure the best possible protection.


Windows makes its own free ad ware program. Protection through Windows Defender is good for Vista and XP on Windows. Download it free from Microsoft’s website. This software comes with automatic updates and you can schedule scanning. Running in the background, Windows Defender lets you work in other programs while it searches for adware.

Rogue Adware Programs

Even if you visit a normal looking site, you can get a rogue free ad ware infection. These programs will create pop ups that warn you about incoming infections. Fake software creates fear that a threat is occurring and brings you to a payment screen. Rogue software is the threat and continues to bother you until you pay for the program. You can remove these fake malware programs. Free ad ware programs might not find these files and you need help from a dependable source like Bleeping Computer forum. You can find free technicians to help you clear up your computer.

Once you have a clean computer, you should scan with a free ad ware program regularly. Software can help you keep your computer safe and prevent further adware from bothering you. Keep away from sites that appear harmful, as listed in your search engine. If your computer starts acting funny, scan all files quickly and find the cause before it creates more damage.

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