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Free Downloadable Pc Games - The Different Types Of Free Downloadable PC Games

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Since the internet became available to nearly everyone, the traditional method of buying computer games from a local store has slowly been fading. It is far easier, especially in rural areas, to just download a game from a website. You never even have to leave your seat.

With the lower prices of technology and the availability of information to learn how to program, the amount of people of all ages who are producing games for free has skyrocketed. Some do it for school, some for programming practice, some just for the love of a game. Whatever the reason, there are countless free downloadable PC games available right now.

The most common type of free games you can download are copies of games that the programmer played growing up. Games like FreeCiv fall into this category since it is a clone of the original game Civilization. If you remember a game you played when computers first came out, or that you played in an arcade, more than likely there is a downloadable version of it for free somewhere on the internet.

Another type of game you will find as a free download are board games. Sometimes someone will find a copy of an out of print board game in their home, have good memories of it, and then work on programming a digital version of it. Not everyone may have heard of these old games (like ‘Dark Tower’), but you can have fun discovering how it was played.

For those who are programming free downloadable PC games to learn about programming, algorithms, or logic, there are classic games like chess, checkers or certain card games. These games are models for learning about statistics, logical states, even simple artificial intelligence. As a result, there are many free games like these out there that you can download and play.

In the last few years, a different type of game has begun to grow in popularity. It is a game that is produced by professional companies, usually overseas, and then distributed for free to players around the world. Games like Fiesta or Anarchy Online fall into this category.

You download and play the game, connecting to their servers to play with other people. It is completely free to do this and you can play for as long as you like. However, there is a little catch. As much fun as you can have, they will constantly be attempting to get you to purchase ‘power-ups’ or other special items that you can use to gain an advantage inside the game. You do not have to purchase anything to play, but they will keep asking you to. These games do tend to be very fun in the early to middle stages.

For those who are used to a very high caliber of game, then there are very few options. Most of the freely downloadable PC games are rough around the edges or use outdated graphics. The only way to play a really well polished game for free is to download free demos of retail games. These demos are just limited versions of the full game, but they can provide you with some entertainment. Sometimes for half an hour, sometimes for a few hours.

Sites like SourceForge have a large selection of free downloadable PC games available. SourceForge is a place for developers of free software to post their programs for download. Not all of the programs are functional, but there are many games freely available there.

Finally, remember to be cautious about what you download and install. There are some programs that may have dangerous spyware or malware within it. The programmer may not even be aware of it. Only download and install PC games that you know are safe.

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