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Free Virus Downloads - Top 3 Free Virus Downloads for Computer Protection

what programs to use avast microsoft security essentials

Many websites offer free virus downloads for protection on your computer. Viruses attack and, of course, those threats are free too. You can find a good defense for your computer by using the most popular antivirus programs offered free.

Why Do I Need Antivirus Programs

Viruses try to shut down your computer and steal information. Viruses can spread to several programs and other computers through email. Many large corporations have shut down email use, like Microsoft in 1999, after the spread of a virus. After this and many other instances from the spread of viruses, companies produced programs to help computer users combat ill effects. You can find that using an antivirus program will help filter out threats and other malware that tries to damage your computer.

What Programs to Use

If your Windows computer came with Norton antivirus, you can use the trial version for about thirty days. Norton has many features, but you pay for service after a trial period. Norton updates its software regularly, but you can download free virus protection software from many other brands.


AVG is a popular program that received high awards for its protection. AVG can scan your files and folders on the hard drive to find plenty of infections. It looks for root kits, viruses and Trojans. AVG scans the drive in the background while you work in other programs. If you want an effective program to find viruses, you can receive AVG free.


Avast scans for infections while you sleep and in your computer’s hibernation. Avast, similar to AVG, will find root kit infections and erase them. It can also stop annoying pop-ups from hampering your computer. Avast software comes with shields that scan files as you open them. Although most email programs have scanning protection already built-in, Avast will scan the files to ensure double protection against viruses.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials offers free virus downloads protection. Microsoft prides itself on providing a simple to use program by using the color green to tell you the computer is safe. Prevent malware when using this download offered by Microsoft. You receive automatic updates. Microsoft Security works in the background. You work in other programs while it scans.

Get free virus downloads protection through using software on your computer. When you download anything, you can scan the file before opening. Scanning files helps you cut out the possibility of infections and identity theft. Many programs and documents contain hidden executable programs that will go through your files and send information back to the creator. Sometimes, you do not realize it is on your computer. Scan your computer today using antivirus programs and remove damaging infections.

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