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Spyware Software Free - How to Get Spyware Software For Free

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There are many trial, shareware, and free market anti-spyware software programs available on the Internet. They vary in effectiveness according to the capacity of the anti-spyware database installed, the frequency of updates, and the features. Some anti-spyware software is not really anti-spyware at all, but contains a trojan horse or similar virus. Only download a software program from a reputable company, or a program with plenty of positive feedback and user reviews. Spyware is one of the leading causes of identity theft today, as almost everybody has their bank account information somewhere on their computer, along with other pertinent information like social security numbers, pin codes, credit cards, and more. Spyware can make your computer download programs without your knowledge, and can gain access to passwords and private documents. Many people are diligent about keeping reliable antivirus software installed and running on their computers, but many assume that having antivirus means that they also have anti-spyware. This is not the case. Spyware is different from most viruses in that it can pass through most firewalls and antivirus detection systems undetected, causing your computer to slow down or crash, annoying pop-up ads, and possibly unwanted surveillance. This includes taking pictures of your screen, which is one of the methods used to steal passwords, and logging keystrokes, or recording what you type.

You don’t have to buy an expensive antivirus and anti-spyware security suite to get the full protection your computer needs, whether at work or at home. Indeed, many security suites contain too many features, and they take up ram and precious memory space on your hard drive, slowing your computer as much as having an actual virus would. Lightweight anti-spyware programs are ideal for older computers, and even new ones. These are available as shareware or freeware, and at other times, you can try it as a trial version before committing to buy. With the general cost of electronics, computers, software and more so high these days in comparison with the cost of living, it pays off to find a well-developed program that can take care of your anti-spyware and other security needs without taking money out of your pocket. One well-known and highly-acclaimed product is Ad-Aware Free, made by Lavasoft. It contains full-featured protection against spyware, including protection against rootkits, spyware programs that try to hide from most security software. It scans for spyware, is regularly updated, and is light on your system’s resources. Another top program to consider is Spybot Search & Destroy. It claims to guard against spyware, and running a system scan will turn up any suspicious activity, including changes to the Microsoft Windows registry, tracking cookies for marketing or other unauthorized purposes, and malware of all kinds, software that tries to infiltrate your computer undetected and make changes without you knowing about it. Also worth looking into is Windows Defender, Microsoft’s own simple and convenient solution to the problems of spyware and certain known common viruses. One of the leading causes of a computer slowing down over time is the automatic startup of known programs that you have installed, but don’t necessarily need to start every time you boot up your computer. Windows Defender lets you disable this automatic startup feature on any program you want to. Be careful, though. Your computer needs certain programs in order for Windows to start. Not everybody has been pleased with this program, but its overall performance and ease of use has made it an IT favorite. Its scans are quick and thorough, and it gives you more control over your computer’s performance than comparable anti-spyware programs. Whatever program you choose, you should not feel uncomfortable with a program just because it is labeled “free,” or isn’t costing you anything. All of the programs that have been mentioned, and many more, have been around for several years, and junk software doesn’t last. Software from programming companies that have been innovative and have stood the test of time is software that you can trust. The best anti-spyware programs allow you to go on with your work, play, and Web surfing without even remembering that it’s there. Check out download.com or pcworld.com for more reviews, and for download links to these and other programs.

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