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Free Landscape Software - Why consider free landscape software?

project plants allow landscaping

If you are interested in starting a landscaping project and have a do it yourself ethic or are simply on a limited budget, you may not be fond of the idea of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on expensive landscape software to allow you to visualize and design your visions of an outdoor landscape. After all, you might not know if this will turn out to be an enduring hobby, in which you would use the software over and over again, or if this might turn out to simply be a passing fancy or a one time project. You might also not know exactly how many bills you will have to pay a month from now, or you might not have the necessary cash on hand to spend it on exotic landscaping software. Whatever the reason, an option you might consider is that of free landscape software.

Many landscaping software designers offer free landscape software that you can use to bring your projected vision to life – at least on a computer screen. You can start out with a broad image and increasingly sharpen it until you have a clearer idea of what you would like to see in your lawn and garden area. For example, some programs will even allow you to zoom in to the degree that you can pick out your favorite kinds of plants and have them in specific colors, arrangements, and sizes, allowing you to make the most out of whatever outdoor space you have around your home. Such programs will typically include several different varieties of plants that will be available in a variety of seasonal shapes, colors, and sizes, including perennials and annuals and other seasonal plants. This way, you can even change how big or small different plants appear to help you obtain a sharper image of your back yard or front yard or wherever you plan to set up the project. Free landscape software will also allow you to better conceptualize how everything will look when it is complete.

However, there is a potential disadvantage in some free landscape software. Depending on the limitations of the program, you may not be allowed to change various aspects of your landscaping project as much as you would like to, such as the designs of the garden itself or the flower beds contained within the garden or the positions of other plants inside the garden. Some programs may allow you to alter all of the aforementioned features but may not allow you to save any of your conceptualized projects, which means they will disappear whenever you close the program. Other programs may limit you to designing only one project at a time or having only one window at a time or even set limits on the amount of time the program itself will stay open without spontaneously closing. This is because most free landscape software will be demo versions of full versions that contain all the features you are looking for at a price. Essentially, many examples of free landscape software are designed to be previews of the completed software program and are made for the purpose of encouraging you to try the software, like it, and buy the full or completed version.

There are other strategies and reasons why companies may provide free landscape software. Some companies do so not only to advertise the full product but to advertise other products they may sell, such as trees, seeds, and flowers. Some companies may even primarily deal in selling plants and trees and other landscaping features and offer the free landscape software solely as a way to show you different things you can buy from them. However, for most companies, the full version of a free landscape software package will include many more capabilities than those included in the free demo version. For example, you may be able to add far more features to your project, such as stones, wood, rocks, and even bodies of water to increase the visual beauty of your garden. You may be able to work on several different projects at the same time and even drag ideas from one project window into another. The possibilities are limitless.

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