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Free Powerpoint Software - How to Get Free Powerpoint Software

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Are you in need of completing a presentation by a certain date? Do you work a lot with presentations but can’t afford bulky commercial software suites? It’s true that software is becoming increasingly overpriced, but there is a way to keep your productivity at a top notch level without sacrificing any of the quality. A solution to these types of problems has finally arrived, and it’s called OpenOffice.

Stop trying to illegally obtain software that you don’t even really need. It’s time to start using OpenOffice, a fully functional productivity suite designed to keep your efficiency as high as ever without having to fork over a chunk of your life savings. The suite comes stocked with versatile and competitive programs such as Writer, as word processing application, Calc, a great solution for creating spreadsheets and charts, Impress, a resourceful presentation program, and more.

Instead of spending your time trying to obtain some sort of free PowerPoint software that could potentially harm your computer, turn to Impress, the included presentation application of OpenOffice.

Impress works similarly to Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint as you can create impressive presentations that are competitive with the other commercial software on the market. You can do anything from adding attractive clipart to your slides, work with tons of beautiful fonts, create special effects that your audience will be sure to enjoy, insert tons of fun animations to spice your presentation up, and so much more.

Do you need to get a presentation done in a hurry? Fix your commonly used commands and buttons anywhere on the screen you’d like so that you can quickly locate and use them. You’ll also be thrilled to know that you can not only save your work in PDF format, but also in HTML and Flash formats as well.

To get hold of this great software, simply browse to the OpenOffice website. From there you can read about all the features that come included with the productivity suite. If you’re ready to download, simply click the link that reads “Get OpenOffice now.” You’ll instantly be taken to an easy-to-use site that allows you to choose from a few different download options. For example, you can choose to download the software, extensions that make the OpenOffice experience much more meaningful, the release candidate as well as developer snapshots.

The size of OpenOffice amounts to about 150 MB. It’s well worth the wait of downloading, and you’ll be satisfied when you find out you’ll never have to pay for another productivity suite again.

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