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Free Virus Scan Software - How to find the best free virus scan software

computer malware programs download

If you own a computer, one of your biggest fears is having that computer overrun by viruses. There are plenty of trojans, worms, and malware programs out there that can wreck your computer and its performance. When you get one of these viruses, it can shut your computer down and make it almost impossible to get anything done. Smart computer owners know that it is possible to get rid of viruses and prevent them before they ever take hold. You just have to find the best free virus scan software on the net and employ it regularly. Luckily for computer owners, there are plenty of great options that don’t cost a thing.

Software to destroy vicious malware
Ask anyone who has had malware infect their computer and you will hear the same thing. They will tell you, almost unequivocally, that malware is the worst thing that can possibly happen to a computer short of it falling out of an open window. Malware puts itself into a computer’s registry and makes it impossible for a user to perform even the most basic functions. These are highly advanced virus programs that are difficult to get rid of on your own. They hid themselves and become almost invisible until they are causing damage.

In order to get rid of these tough programs, you will want to use a good free virus scan software. One of the best on the market is Malware Bytes Anti-Malware. Called MBAM for short, this is a program that is able to kill off even the worst programs that might infect your computer. If you want to download Malware Bytes, you have a couple of different options. Many will choose to download it through the free Cnet.com website. This site has a host of different free virus scan software programs for your consumption. Note that some viruses will disable Malware Bytes and make it impossible to download once you have the virus. This is an indication of its effectiveness, but you must download it onto your computer prior to getting the virus in most situations.

The thing to know about MBAM is that it doesn’t monitor your computer at all times automatically. You have to select the quick scan or full scan every so often to make it work. Some people don’t remember to do this, so they are better off going with a free virus scan software that constantly monitors the computer. AVG Anti-Virus Free is a perfect choice for these individuals. It gets rave reviews for a reason. When you install AVG, it will make sure that every page you visit and every item you download is safe for the computer. It will alert you to any dangers that might arise, so installation will give you a leg up on protecting your computer.

Consulting the most well known software
There are some programs that will come with your computer and might include a free trial. If you have access to these programs, then it makes complete sense to take advantage of them while you can. Some computer owners will get a 90-day trial of something like Norton Anti-Virus. If you had to pay for this program, you would usually pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 per month. While it is free, you can run Norton to make sure your computer is safe at all times.

Once the free trial runs out, you can actually download a free version of Norton to keep your computer protected to an extent. Though the free virus scan software is not as comprehensive as the paid version, it will work for those who want a basic level of protection. The nice thing about Norton free virus scan software is that it provides little notes at the bottom of the screen while you are working. It will give you the choice of ignoring or heeding the warnings, offering information about what dangers might be lurking.

Overall, these free virus scan software programs will give you a great opportunity to stay safe. With the internet having more dangers than ever, it makes sense to use one of these programs or maybe even use a combination. The more protection you have, the better you will be.

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