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Free Photoshop Software - How to Find Free Photoshop Software

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Some of the Photoshop software you can find online, while most are good quality, is quite costly. What we are going to look at in this article are some of the Photoshop software that you can get your hands absolutely free and right over the Internet. You will notice, as we go through a few of the choices, that some of the programs are limited to specific computer users such as Windows. You will want to make sure while choosing your free Photoshop software, that you check this information to make sure that the program will be compatible with the home or office computer you intend to download it to.

The first one we are going to touch on is a program called Gimp. This is a Photoshop software program that is free of charge and can be downloaded onto your computer from various free software sites, which will be listed for you below, a little later in the article.
Gimp is a program that can edit existing photos with an easy to use interface adding decorative touches or frames to your pictures or simply just cleaning them up. You can also create your own photos using this free Photoshop software. Some of the decorative touches are absolutely amazing. However, while running on your computer, it tends to take up a lot of space.

The next one we will look at is a program called Paint.net. This Photoshop software is also completely free of charge. While it isn’t as sophisticated as Gimp, it is rather easy to use and it’s functions are basically the same. The software download for this one is not quite as big and it seems to run a tad bit smoother for most who have compared it with the above mentioned.

Another of your free Photoshop software downloads that you can get absolutely free is called Pixia. It has been compared to Microsoft Photoshop in quality however this particular download is only available for Windows users.

If you are a Windows user, then in addition to Pixia, you may want to give Photoplus a try. This particular free Photoshop software has the ability to create bitmap images and web animations as well as edit or enhance your photos from your digital camera. Again, unfortunately it is limited to Windows users.

Now that we have touched on some of the free Photoshop software available to you online, here is a list of some of the sites you can visit to find your downloads and get started.

1) www.brothersoft.com
2) www.lifeclever.com
3) www.hongkiat.com

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