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Free People Find - How to Find People Online For Free

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The Internet has made it much easier and cheaper to find people with whom you wish to establish contact. Although some people prefer to be unlisted and do all that they can to keep their information from appearing online, most people can be located with a bit of adept searching. Knowing some of the tricks can make your search much easier.

The first resource that you can turn to when searching for a person online is a basic search engine like Google. If you know what this person’s full name is, enter it, making sure to put quotes around the two names so that they are linked together. Generally, it’s best to leave out the middle name, as that will rarely appear in directories and is thus likely to hinder rather than help you in your search. Even if you are looking up a woman you attended high school with and are unsure whether she still has her maiden name, using her first and last name from that time is a good starting point.

In addition to the name, it may be helpful to use other biographical details. For instance, if this is a classmate, try adding the name of your high school to your search. As an alternative to that, you can look up the name of the city where that school was located. Another option would be to add an occupation; if you know that your old friend planned to go to law school, type in “lawyer” alongside the name and see if anything comes up.

Beyond Google, there are many individual sites that specialize in finding others. While some, like Classmates.com, require registration fees in order to get any real information, there are many free websites that function like a phone book. Whitepages.com is one such site.

If you go there, you can plug in the name of the person you are searching for, along with the city or state, though the only piece of information required for the search is a last name. Of course, the more information you provide, the more likely you are to get an accurate result. For example, searching for John Baker in PA returns more than 100 results, while John Baker in Pittsburgh, PA returns only 15, making it much easier to find the one you want. Also aiding in the search is the fact that many listings include names of family members and the age of the person being searched for. Sites like this also usually have a reverse phone number function, which is useful for finding out who just called your house if there is no name attached to the number on your caller ID.

Another very handy way of finding people online is through social networking sites like Facebook. There are many ways to search for people. The most basic way is to enter the person’s name in the site’s search engine; this will bring up a list of profiles, and assuming your friend is on Facebook and has a profile picture, locating that person should be a simple task, especially since most married women include their maiden names in parentheses to make searching for them easier. At that point, you can click on his or her profile and make a friend request.

If you were classmates, you can also search out your high school and see if he or she is connected with the Facebook profile for that institution. Even if you don’t find that person, you may stumble upon other old friends in this way. If you know of mutual friends, you can also check their friend lists to see if whoever you’re looking for is there.

These are just some of the most common ways that you can find people online without having to pay costly fees. Brush up on your Internet savvy or get someone else to do a little detective work for you; the payoff could be a rekindled relationship.

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