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Free Domain With Hosting - How to Find a Free Doman with Hosting

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The internet has become a vast portion of people’s lives over the past several years. Imagining the world without it is almost impossible. It’s become our outlet for sharing information, connecting with friends and family, doing business, meeting others, etc. Of course, the internet is made up of an immense amount of web pages and files, and most of the time, it costs webmasters money to host these files and pages on web servers.

If you’re serious about finding a free domain with hosting, you’re going to have to think about how you would like to go about it. Do you plan on needing a lot of space to store your site files? Do you want your site to be free of advertisements? The truth is that you can find a free domain with hosting relatively easy on the internet. The only drawback with these types of offers is that most of the time, there is not a whole lot of space to work with and you risk your site being flooded in advertisements. On the same note, it isn’t likely at all that you will get a .com or .net domain. Domains are not something that can be handed out for free because they are sort of like an apartment that you would lease. The only difference is that you are leasing the right to be listed by DNS servers.

As previously stated though, it is possible to find a free domain with hosting. However, the domain might be uncommon or something that you don’t have full control over. For example, you might want the domain “stevenspage.com” but you might actually get “stevenspage.coolpages.com.” This is essentially because “stevenspage.coolpages.com” is not a basic domain. The part “stevenspage” is like a counterpart of “coolpages.com.” Of course, you get your own website address, but not a real domain.

You can sometimes get free redirection domains that when typed into a browser will redirect to your page. For example, you might not be too happy with “stevenspage.coolpages.com.” You can consult a free redirection domain service for a shorter domain that, when typed into a browser, would redirect the visitor to your site. For instance, you might want to have a shorter redirection domain called, “stevenspage.co.uk.” You can satisfy this by registering “stevenspage.co.uk” with the provider and configure it to redirect to “stevenspage.coolpages.com.” However, do not expect to snag any major domains such as .com or .net if you don’t want to spend money.

Lastly, a great way to virtually get a free domain with hosting is to simply have your own web server. Of course, the initial set up of the internet servers and all of things involved is a little steep in price. However, if you’d like to host several domains and allot lots of space, the best route might be to own your own server. This is mostly recommended for those that would like full control over their hosting experience, and even somebody that has extensive knowledge on the subject. However, if you’re only interested in a single website, consider sticking to the first option.

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