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Free Pop Email - How To Get Free POP Email

gmail easy storage aim

POP email stands for Post Office Protocol email. This means an email client such as Outlook retrieves the email from a remote server over your web connection. There are many great options for a free POP email account. Here are some of the top choices.

Gmail is run by Google and has gained a lot of popularity over the years. With Google one of the top companies around, you can expect Gmail to continually improve as an email interface. In addition to free POP email, Gmail already has a chat function as well as easy to use filtering and archiving. Gmail has a great reputation for recognizing spam and automatically putting in to another folder. Searching for an old email is very easy in Gmail. You also have the ability to read email chains as a conversation, which can come in handy when trying to scan for a quick piece of information. Their free POP email services mean you can download Gmail through all of the normal email clients you may have including Outlook, Mozilla, and Windows Mail.

Inbox.com is another great free POP email service. They offer 5 GB of storage online, which is enough space to hold emails for years. The interface is simple to use. Like Gmail, Inbox.com has the option for conversation style reading and fantastic search options. It’s known for its fast and easy email downloading, rather online or through an email client.

AIM Mail is another free POP email service. AIM isn’t as streamlined as Gmail. It doesn’t offer streamed conversations and its search options aren’t as simple. But AIM Mail has an excellent interface and a high functioning POP access. AIM Mail has unlimited storage space and spam protection as good as that of Gmail. With the popularity of AOL Instant Messenger both online and on cell phones, AIM Mail is readily available and very easy to register and use.

There are many other free POP email options around for you. Gawab, Lavabit, and HotPOP are all great options. Gawab offers 10 GB of online storage and has an easy to use interface. Gawab doesn’t have the same email search capability as Gmail however. Lavabit is one of the most secure free POP email services out there. It’s fast and simple to use. However, Lavabit has limitations for spam protection on its free services. HotPOP isn’t as well known as the others, but has a very reliable service. HotPOP works with any client, and also allows you to auto-forward emails to other addresses. The negatives on HotPOP include less storage space than many other free POP email accounts.

Getting a free POP email account is easy even if you are a computer novice. The key is finding an interface that you feel comfortable using. Other things to consider is how much storage space your service allows and what spam protection it offers. It doesn’t hurt to sign up for several accounts and then decide which service is best for you. All of the free POP email accounts will be compatible with the common clients you have on your computer, and they will offer specific and simple instructions to set it up.

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